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African gets her ancestry DNA results

African gets her ancestry DNA results

After months of watching youtube ancestry dna videos i decided to do mine
hope you like it
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31 thoughts on “African gets her ancestry DNA results

  1. matma01 says:

    You are the first 100 percenter that I've seen. I'm jealous! BTW, you and baby are beautiful.

  2. You’re 100% BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you very much for your video

  3. CHA te says:

    You're a pure blood!!!!

  4. I'm 83% African, but an African MELTING pot!(24%Nigerian, 23% Ghana, 19% Cameroon/Congo, 5% Senegal 4%, Mali 4%, African Southeastern Bantu, 2% Benin/Togo, 1% Hunter Gatherer 1%Africa North)? 9% Irish!? ANNNND 8% spread amongst 6 other regions. I don't wanna talk about it!??

  5. insfires says:

    You're one beautiful woman

  6. lucky to be 100% african your parents did the right thing!

  7. An X says:

    I'm curious about my results. I'm not proud or ashamed of my heritage and I wouldn't base my identity on it but it would be interesting to find out. I love hearing about other people's results. I was born in Zambia. Both of my parents are Bemba speaking but I think my mother's father was Lambia and her mother was mixed with English and Lungu (I know that her maternal grandfather was English – I'm not sure about the Lungu and Lambia ancestry). If she is Lungu / Lambia I don't know whether or not they're just Bemba speaking groups who were never considered 'Bemba' (a lot of groups on the continent self-identified as different 'tribes' before colonialism but were lumped into one group based on language during / after colonialism) or whether or not they speak completely different languages and my mother's family just assimilated into Bemba culture.

    I've read that the Bemba descend from the Luba in the Congo so I wonder if that would show up on the test. From my English great grandfather – I wonder if he had Celtic or Germanic ancestry and where exactly the Anglo-Saxons came from (If they descend mostly from indigenous Britons who adopted the Anglo-Saxon culture or even the Celtic culture before that or if they descend from actual Germanic migrants etc.). My mother's paternal grandfather (or one of my ancestors on her side) apparently came from Tanzania. It would be cool if I had Khoi-San (Bushman – 'click click' speakers) or Pygmy ancestry (they're the indigenous people of southern and central Africa respectively).

  8. Lucky you. I’ve never seen results that read 100% Africa.

  9. First 100% anything I’ve seen on these kinds of videos! Very cool!

  10. Lovagirl says:

    You're beautiful and so is your baby boy

  11. Africans are beautiful…

  12. I want to be 100% african

  13. I love ❤️ it you are so funny ?

  14. jd jade says:

    I love your personality….awesome results… didn't think it was possible lorrrrddddd…even though I know I have a mixed ethnicity…maybe I'm really 98 percent African as my Asian African friend says….hahah love your laugh

  15. LHB Finess says:

    Congrats! You are 100% Hue-man…. /Homosaphien

  16. Awa Ba says:

    YAASS GURRLL, you got a new senegalese sister

  17. Joyce says:

    Beautiful !!!!!

  18. 100% Cute African Queen! ????????

  19. You are so Beautiful, I think because of 100%

  20. soso says:

    you are so cute girl and sweet

  21. Im nigerian and im 92 percent west african 4.5 percent european and 2.4 percent native american

  22. I thought for sure you would have been at least a little Middle Eastern because its part of Africa

  23. You look like a life-sized baby doll! ?

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