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Amazon Echos Can Spy On Users – ThreatWire

Amazon Echos Can Spy On Users – ThreatWire

A master digital key can unlock millions of hotel rooms, Amazon Echos could spy on users… again, and a genealogy websites DNA database was used to capture a killer. All that coming up now on ThreatWire.

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34 thoughts on “Amazon Echos Can Spy On Users – ThreatWire

  1. Is this supposed to be surprising?

  2. Little pause between sentences would be good, atleast for non native English viewers.

  3. Simsy says:

    It will be interesting to see if the genealogy site evidence will be admissible in a court of law if this happens again in the future

  4. You forgot to say "Please".

  5. Waaaaatttttt? A giant microphone is spying on me.

  6. Purpill says:

    Our phones already do it and no it’s not even the NSA you have to worry about it’s the capitalists.

  7. BangDroid says:

    Theft mitigation while staying in a hotel: Don't rely on the safes in the rooms. Those have been found many many times to be even more vulnerable and weak than the key cards.

  8. regurgitating already known threats is so weak, can't u guys go back to the good ol days when daryn at least tried to make cool stuff, cuz that was funny stuff, the super long-range antenna at 62watts is on of the funniest.

  9. RFID has been bust for years, the Proxmark has been out for over a decade. I don't see how this is anything new or groundbreaking.

  10. So amazon can push a skill to your Alexa to listen to you constantly any time they want or are forced to?

  11. Wow, so just because a cousin of mine wants to find out if they're part neanderthal, the police could find out about all the murders I've done?

    Of which there are none, because I haven't murdered anyone. It wasn't me, I wasn't there, and even if I was, you can't prove a thing!

  12. What is the wake word?

  13. DQFozz says:

    I think you meant to say "you share some DNA with your family" rather than "you share some chromosomes with your family" – unless, of course, you have an identical twin. If I wanted to be really pedantic I would say "you share some bits of your chromosomes with your family".
    Anyway thanks for the show – keep it coming.

  14. K says:

    Are there any privacy-oriented personal assistant alternatives to Alexa or Google Assistant?

  15. Seminko says:

    Wow, didn't know that those companies make your DNA available… damn, not gonna do it now…

  16. Andrew Joy says:

    Errrr DUH, been saying this since the start , but the dumb sheep just buy the crap and leave it in there home.

  17. It sound like the time when Sisko used an optolythic data rod to manufacture evidence against the Dominion to bring the Romulans into the war..

  18. Make the mute button a hardware block to the mics. I.E. push the button, no angry pixies got to the mics, now power, no recording.

  19. so basicly its an rfid brute force attack? just require a time delay between tries

  20. Anyone going to DefCon Vegas?

  21. General public

    "The NSA is spying on us with our computers? D:
    Meh, I'm sure it's fine
    Hey Amazon cameout with a giant microphone

    The giant microphone can spy on us? D: "

  22. Seems pretty shady that they didn't need a warrant to access that DNA database. I suppose that company just cooperated with them and didn't ask for one. I don't know that I'll use one of those services with that in mind, because I'd have to trust that company in perpetuity to never share my data or sell it etc.

  23. So what you are saying about Deangelo is that a sadistic police officer was able to rape and occasionally murder females, possibly others, and that encomponent law enforcement, possibly also corrupt, was unable, or unwilling to do proper investigations to the extent that these crimes are now past statute and that it took the' absolute most invasive tactics, that of unwarranted and systematic Dna sampling, of untold of numbers of people for them to "link" this elderly individual to these crimes? Hmm, not sure this one was a win for humanity as a whole. But I guess it does take lazy, inept, detective skills to catch a possibly croocked, and predatorial, ex-cop now senior citizen.

  24. mrquicky says:

    If you're smart enough to program a master hotel key card, I seriously doubt an in-room hotel safe is going to present much of a challenge 😀
    If you think that Alexa and by proxy Amazon are not spying on you, I have breaking news for you. Water is wet, grass is green & the sky is blue!

  25. Ok…? Now how are you going to hack the deadbolt?

  26. 1611 KJV Bible has warned of this since 1611.

  27. grrr 。 says:

    These data collection companies are really preying for the innocent goofs, circumventing the security and jeopardizing the privacy of everyone around them.

  28. NoiseHERO says:

    Oof I'm here too early

  29. Just got on to check for threat wire and was sad when I didn’t see one, then Bam! Thanks HAK5

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