Home DNA AncestorAn American of Haitian Origin Discovers his DNA Testing Results Using Ancestry Over Dinner
An American of Haitian Origin Discovers his DNA Testing Results Using Ancestry Over Dinner

An American of Haitian Origin Discovers his DNA Testing Results Using Ancestry Over Dinner

I’ve never been more African in my life than I was last night, and it feels great!


49 thoughts on “An American of Haitian Origin Discovers his DNA Testing Results Using Ancestry Over Dinner

  1. baggatitus says:

    This dude love the idea of being European! You ain't French dude, it's gonna be ok!??????

  2. Wow I would have said he's American by the sounds of him,maybe its just me,oh well you learn something new everyday..

  3. Dc Ww says:

    85-95% is normal for most AA and Caribbean blacks, based on what I’ve seen on here. Some mentioned he ”couldn’t mask his disappointment.”l. With all due respect, that’s a really stupid comment. I don’t think he was expecting 40% African. He knows he’s not a “mulatto.” But, like most blacks, he has white ancestors. What you sensed was that he was probably expecting French, etc., being Haitian (and maybe British), considering the ethnicity of most of the colonizers in Haiti and Caribbean. (and not others whites, ie, Russian/Finnish/Jewish, etc). I think itt might be surprising that he’s not more African, considering a lot of Caribbbeans test at 95-99%. That could also be what people are sensing, or just him trying to make sense of the results for the first time. Let’s not project our colonial insecurities on him. I’m sure he’s black and proud, but now has an accurate representation of who his ancestors are. Either way, God bless his beautiful black ancestors he honored by doing this test (and perhaps even those few moral white ones. Hopefully not all mated through rape, etc.—Not many, but few had loving relationships I’m sure, under those crazy social circumstances. Not all blacks were enslaved, but most were). Damn the evil ones, of course. But either way, without them he wouldn’t be here. Mazel tov my black brother!

  4. The Scandinavian connection just ain't that crazy … If your French ancestor was from the Normandy region in France, it was settled by Vikings.

  5. Will Lugo says:

    Your almost 100% West African. That’s awesome!

  6. They still didn't tell you the truth. We are Israelites brother

  7. coquiangel says:

    Good video. Were you surprised or were you also, a bit upset?

  8. many of the Haitian slaves were taken from the Congo….the Congo, before European colonization was rich in culture, education, and resources , and look up Macandal, who was a slave from the Congo and sent to Haiti where he led a revolt,,,,he is someone to be proud of ….I LOVE THE HISTORY OF THE HAITIAN PEOPLE.

  9. many of the Haitian slaves were taken from the Congo….the Congo, before European colonization was rich in culture, education, and resources , and look up Macandal, who was a Haitian slave who lead a slave revolt on the plantation….he was from Congo region….someone to be proud of…. I LOVE AND RESPECT THE HISTORY OF THE HAITIAN PEOPLE….

  10. i am so disappointed that you are repping England to the fullest….for a long time in England Negros were banned from even entering the country…England is nothing for a black man to be excited about….BE EXCITED ABOUT AFRICA….THE MOTHERLAND…BE PROUD OF MAMA AFRICA…

  11. Haitians=the divine African warriors of the Carribean

  12. Roni says:

    Did he say “in the people’s republic of Brooklyn”

  13. L Crom says:

    These test are correct and incorrect. You are that percentage from africa. But they will not let you know where you are mostly from. They don't want Black Americans to bond with Africa for economic and political reasons. so the hot spots in Africa that you are from, they don't mention. take it again.

  14. p s says:

    macmosei.shut.up l have planty dominicain here we don.t want then for the bad culture.the.haitiens peaplo the best history end culture.if you reed the bible there are the choising by god.tribi de levi haiti is israel in the bible truly brother..

  15. p s says:

    l.have a question for you all do you have jesus? do you observed his law. his comandemants? if yes l.am happy for you all! if not l.am sorry for you all!!!!

  16. You and I, are family. My name is Yoyo a Taino name with a 500-year-old history record that passed on to us. My parents are from Yakimel now known as Jacmel . I am the son of a High Priestess, the ancient Hebrew people called Israelites there and i would like to meet you one day. I am and my family is also told. You need to Visit Estonia and you will feel at home as well. This is where the Scandinavian DNA mix comes from. Estonians are from the Livi tribe in the house of Jacob The Nigeria part of you is the tribe of Jacob which is the IBOH people in Nigeria. my email is my youtube username together at gmail

    Love and light

  17. Your Iberian is either Spanish or Portuguese. French would be Europe West dna.

  18. Anyone with a ship probably trader with the west Indies. Scandinavians traded in slaves as well.

  19. Angb Rwill says:

    Sounds African and Dutch/Scottish(particularly Northern Scotland) are mostly Nordic and many were in the Caribbean from 1620s- 20th c. But I'm thinking North Atlantic ancestry Dutch, Scottish, Anglo-Norman (Normandy).

  20. I did my test through Ancestry.com and found results that are close to what I expected although it's surprising when I compare my features to yours. I am darker than you but my DNA heritage outside of Africa is much higher which is somewhat confusing.

  21. FUKIUTUBE says:

    You couldn't even hide your disappointment. I know being from the Caribbean you were expecting some French and Iberian Peninsula.

  22. Wow bro you are Cameroonian! Zouk music is very big in Cameroon and francophone africa.

  23. sunarise77 says:

    The Scandinavian would easily account for all the tall people in the family . The Norman's were Scandinavians who took over part of France. So the tall French ancestor was probably of Norman decent. Scandinavians also share a lot of DNA with people from the British Isles.

  24. Jeff Pagan says:

    Ok I never saw hatian results before I paused 21 seconds in. My guess before is 75 African 18 European and 7 native American

  25. Ro Nom says:

    Normandy of France is on the Atlantic coastline. It was called that because Normans ( Vikings) settled there. It would make sense a lot of French immigrants came to New World from Normandy since it is on the Atlantic.

  26. all mix people aren't pretty

  27. You have a lovely demeanor and personality. Your results are extremely cool. Be sure to use the free DNA test next, GEDMATCH I believe? They provide even greater detail, for free. The Scandinavian came from the European Viking invasions throughout Britain and Germany, even possibly into the Native Americans. Fantastic!

  28. Dude, you have mo Brooklyn accent what so ever.

  29. Most Haitians come from Benin, Togo and Nigeria!

  30. Okaysana says:

    Another Haitian that checked their DNA ! I did too ! And made a video in it!

  31. hey! great results, I'm a huge anglophile as well. I did my mom's ancestry and she had more british ancestry than French.  My great aunt said that my mom's g-g-grandfather was from Britain, stationed in Haiti at some point (this has been the family lore for years!), my mom is from Jacmel as well, and there was a lot of procreation going on, leading to many people being related many times over. Great video!


  33. GL2501 says:

    your part Viking 🙂

  34. First impression is you are : Congolese/Cameroon, S. African Bantu, and IGBO!!!! And some of these tribes like Nigerians and Ghanaians come up with Benin/Togo. They result to having higher there than their native country?. I’m so familiar with many Africans that I can spot the similarities.

    Now let me finish watching your vid?. Very handsome by the way.

  35. The portuegese started the jamaican slave trade and occupation

  36. So you can put those british flags away and bust out those who are african and shout out to your ancesters of humanity

  37. Most haitians where slaves from the original inhabitants died off from deases the portuguese brought most of slaves in most mass I have learned from slave shipping records

  38. maybe the tall person your mom spoke of was Russian, Russian's tend to be very tall

  39. I was expecting French as well

  40. blkindians says:

    Results start at (7:00) he round here talking and eating knowing we in here waiting.

  41. I’m so happy to see another African of the diaspora with a high % of African and be light in complexion. I’m 92% African and I’m African American.

  42. There is no such thing as a slave mistress. You are either a slave or a mistress.

  43. why are you adding when it gives you the total … no matter how many times you add it your still going to be 91% African … Embrace it. .. . 1st start by replacing those dear carcasses w some African Art …

  44. Katherine says:

    You are the closes to being pure i have seen…congrats Love

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