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  1. L. Sher says:

    Hi – Fabian – you do know that many African countries have light skin people – and that light skin does not always mean high European. This company is OK but occasionally they make errors. They need to update their equipment. I would not recommend them though.

  2. hi there again i was watching videos and you did so many dna tests and lo and behold you did a test with this company i did also in 2008 paid 245.oo i know crazy and im biracial black dad white mom the test said 55 europe and 37 african and 8 percent east asian yeahhh right. i talked to ancestry dna not by dna and they said they picked up more on my moms side ancestry dna results. was 56 european and 44 african more like it. uploaded to dna land and ged match a little more european but guess what they picked up the east asian its tatar mongolian and samiyod.i got east european and in germany my great great grandmother had slavic blood my moms maternal side mother was full german my moms paternal also white .dnaland said belarusian Lithuanian they have tatar mongolian admixture. so whats up they need to update ancestery by dna. thank you for sharing sorry for long letter just wanted to share. im going to talk to them also they really need to update everyones results.

  3. Kandi P. says:

    Surviving on life support ?

  4. i paid $53 for the same test i wish i had read the reviews on groupon before buying

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