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Ancestry.com DNA predictions

Ancestry.com DNA predictions

Here is a video of my predictions if what i think my DNA results from ancestry.com will be. Also some commentary on things I’ve seen related to DNA results. Hope you enjoy


11 thoughts on “Ancestry.com DNA predictions

  1. Sorry about your white blood….Espiritus sancti♡+++

  2. At 6:40, it's funny cause that's exactly what I had to do. I went and searched for videos and pictures of people from each African region where I was from. I felt better after watching ethnicity tag videos from Africans. Each tribe and people group acted different and seemed to look like each other. Except maybe the Igbo one's I noticed they looked kind of varied in appearances. Another thing to do is look up the dominant tribes in each region.

  3. Midnight says:

    Hey, I'm sorry to be negative but this won't end bigotry. You see, we all started out as one race, human, then someone came along and said that color makes people a different species. This will only make people judge the break downs more but it's a great tool for getting together with the people that want something out of life other than to hate you.

  4. Midnight says:

    Hey, I will say 53% African 40% European 3% Asian and 2% Native American

  5. You have a look, save for the color, that is common all over africa. It is like I know ya. LOL!

  6. i like your video..but there is results of ppl being 100%…i cant wait for your results

  7. Ray Ray says:

    I wanna see if they get the German part right

  8. I can't wait to see your results. I just got mines yesterday. I'm South/North/East African with Mediterranean and Indian/Asian admixture. 🙂

  9. Ray Ray says:

    Yay can't wait for the results! ????

  10. I have a Puerto Rican friend who found out she has a distant cousin from Uganda that goes way back. It was pretty interesting.

  11. Good luck, Rosa! This is so cool! I'll do it when I get back but I'm glad you're doing it! I'm excited for you, I wanna know too! lol

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