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  1. These videos are so fascinating. it's truly amazing to see the blend that makes us, us. Really cool results! And you seem just lovely, such a happy bright person! I'd love to take an ancestry test but I know it would be a waste of money because I already know it'll come out 100% irish haha

  2. 19 Percentage Native Americans Great to know your history you look more sure of yourself it makes you shine?

  3. Your results were interesting, At first, I thought the Native American was surprisingly high but the location of Belize on the map actually makes sense to the percentage. When you know your family background it is easier to verify the results. Because DNA is randomly given such tests will never be 100 but the probability can make sense if they are a company that has many samples and locations to draw from.

  4. Bk353637 C says:

    Great results. I knew you have high percentage of Native American.

  5. kunicross says:

    The real problem with African ancestry is that there is no genetically, culturally and linguistically more diverse place on earth so in a way your mom is right that it's not very precise.

    Does is just say native american without being more specific?

    For North America I would have expected more European and less native but for Belize I have no idea how the population is mixed up.

    Here in Europe (and Germany) most people are very skeptical about such testing because they fear genetic profiling and stuff. (and looking at the history and at the 3rd Reich and their laws and regulations regarding ancestry it is a bit scary)

    I think their precision is just not good enough and may never will be on a personal level – but I find it very interesting on a broader scale and it really gives a whole lot of insight. (Brazilians for example are usually very European genetically.)

    On the other hand it might would put people a littel bit more together if they realized that just genetically speaking people in Europe and China are about the same especially compared with African people.

  6. gip1279 says:

    Damn, you did it before I did.

  7. Jae Jae says:

    Oh wow! I think this is the first time hearing such a high percentage Native American mixed with such a high percentage African. Makes sense though as you are from Belize. Most of the other videos of African American ancestry results show about 1% if any Native American along with a high percentage of African and around 10-15% European.

  8. I always saw the ancestry commercials but never thought about getting a kit and finding out where my family came from

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