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Ancestry.Com Update 2018 – Surprising Results!

Ancestry.Com Update 2018 – Surprising Results!

I thought i’d have a look at ancestry.com to see if there was any changes to the website, and low and behold, there is.
Some surprising results, my 3% Caucus has disappeared making me 100% European. My 53% Irish/Scottish has increased more than 30% making me 88% Scotch/Irish (Celtic).


13 thoughts on “Ancestry.Com Update 2018 – Surprising Results!

  1. yup, ive had my senegal, mali and asia east taken away from me, and all added into a new category called 'eastern africa' 50%.

  2. I went from 5% Great Britain to 90% England and Wales… How does that happen?

  3. This sort of proves the warnings that people gave out before that these tests should be taken with a pinch of salt. It all depends on the accuracy of the algorithms they use, the accuracy and size of their reference populations for different areas, and their understanding of major population movements. Ancestry probably has the greatest financial resources in getting the best of these variables compared to other providers, hopefully this new update is a step forward for accuracy. Your French, like for most Brits & Irish will be from Huguenot ancestry.

  4. Many people are disappointed with the update because they find out they arent as diverse as they once thought. The updates come because they have expanded the reference sample size from 3000 samples to 16000 samples. This will happen time and time again as the technology gets better and there are a greater number of samples. Dont worry, this isnt the end. You're results will change many times over the coming years and every time they do they will slowly get closer and closer. In my opinion the update is more accurate, but definitely far from perfect.

  5. N Noonan says:

    My original results were.
    51% Western Europe.
    32% Ireland.
    13% Britain
    2% Finland/ Russia.
    1% Iberian Peninsula.
    Les 1% Europe South.
    Update changed to.
    55% England/ Wales.
    42% Ireland/Scotland.
    3% Norway.
    The updated results were more acurate of the Family Tree.
    I don't have any Western Europe heritage.
    Just Irish Dads side Scottish English Irish Mums side.
    Noticed the ranges dont put the final result in the middle.
    Ireland range 35%- 63% but result at 42%.
    The old results were totally inaccurate for my other family members that took the original test.
    The updated results were totally different much more accurate for the entire family.
    Looks like the technology is improving these are still only estimates.

  6. Mine drastically changed as well. I became a lot less diverse.
    Caucasus 38%
    Asia East 30%
    Polynesia 15%
    Asia South 10%
    Europe South 2%
    Middle East <1%

    Iran 49%
    Philippines/Guam 49%
    China 1%
    Wester and Central India 1%

  7. Pretty confused with this new update…I was given a questionare before detailing which results I expected the most and least from my list…then I received a drastically changed set of results from my original…before the results said that I was 37% Scandinavian, 30% Irish Scotish and Welsh, 9% Iberian, 7, Europe East, 6% West Europe, and 5% British with a 5% Trace region in Europe South and 1% in Caucus…now my results say I'm purely Britsh Isles that being 60% British and 40% Irish, Scottish and Welsh???? The results mad sense with what I recently know about my family but in terms of history the old results made sense due to the invasions that has happened over the years…plus how can the previous results be so drastically different compared to the updated…either way I'm glad I found this out sooner, was planning on getting a Viking tattoo soon ??

  8. AmyLee says:


    Europe East: 35%
    Europe South: 26
    Ireland/Scotland Wales: 18%
    Great Britain: 11%
    Europe West: 4%
    Scandinavia: 2%
    European Jewish: 1%
    Melanesian: <1%
    Iberian: <1%
    Asia Central: <1%


    Europe East and Russia: 35%
    Ireland and Scotland: 34%
    Germanic Europe: 13%
    Greece and the Balkans: 7%
    European Jewish: 3%
    France: 3%
    England and Wales: 2%
    Sardinia: 2%
    Baltic states: 1%
    My mother is Anglo Australian and my dad is Serbian (with original results being almost half Europe south half Europe East).

    I'm thinking that my Europe south going down from 26 to Greece and the Balkans 7 is not accurate considering my dad is from the Balkans (Serbia) so seems to be now overly representing my mothers ( Celtic And I guess Germanic) side.

    I do have the Europe East from my dad but the 7% Balkans is a bit low.
    And around double the Irish? – could be correct my Australian mother seems to have some family lines traced to Ireland and we have the genetic community of ulster.

    I will have to hold off a final judgment until the rest of my families results are updated. It's interesting though.

  9. My original results were:
    45% Europe west
    33% Scandinavian
    14% great Britain
    5% Ireland
    3% Iberian peninsula

    78% United kingdom
    13% Scandinavian
    4% Germanic Europe
    3% France
    2% Ireland

    I'm not too happy with the update because of how drastically the results changed and it doesn't match what I know as well as the original results did.

  10. JOT says:

    You see I wish I could get the new update to see what’s majorly changed ?, my current results are:
    Great Britain 24%
    Europe West 10%
    Mali 9%
    Ivory Coast/Ghana 8%
    Benin/Togo 7%
    Cameroon/Congo 7%
    Africa Southeastern Bantu 6%
    Caucasus 5%
    Finland/Northwest Russia 4%
    Iberian Peninsula 4%
    Nigeria 4%
    Scandinavia 4%
    Ireland/Scotland/Wales 3%
    Europe South 2%
    Native American 1%
    Senegal 1%
    Africa South Central Hunter-Gatherers <1%

  11. CAT EARTH says:

    You know they’re gonna replace you with a clone now that you gave your dna to the new world order ?

  12. Trax-3 says:

    It's not nearly like saying you are 3% African or Chinese. Compared to those the Caucasus heritage is almost the same as Europe – separate but very close. There's Caucasus/West Asian admixture across Europe in low to moderate numbers but it's ancient enough that separating it is perhaps not justified.

    Maybe Ancestry isn't looking so far back anymore and is trying to show more recent ancestry like 23andMe does.

  13. I feel the original results were more accurate (for me).
    Not happy with the changes at all ?

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