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Ancestry.com VS. DNA.Land

Ancestry.com VS. DNA.Land

This is my comparison of my Ancestry.com DNA test results and DNA.Land. DNA Test Results

Both tests gave me different areas in Africa. Close proximity, but not exact matches. Migration patterns may play a big role in why the locations in both tests are not exact matches



39 thoughts on “Ancestry.com VS. DNA.Land

  1. She's very smart she knows all the tribes lol

  2. Africa is the oldest civilization on earth oldest people as well I think that's why their DNA is large nice video u r beautiful

  3. Call me when you turn 25 lol

  4. Your beautiful and I love your natural hair

  5. Thanks for the information! I will have my niece upload her information on the DNA.land website. She tested her DNA to prove a point to her dad's side of the family. Please watch her video, thank you! https://youtu.be/pU1sV0-vlSQ .

  6. i notice dna land dont have anything on ancestors from cameroon my biggest percentage from amcestory.com where 27% cameroon 26% benin togo 19% mali

  7. my comparisons were very similar between ancestorydna and dna land

  8. How long did it take to get your DNALand results back?

  9. Jeff Morse says:

    DNA.Land culls out a lot of the "noise" that the for profit tests like to include to spike interest. My 23andMe showed 1.9% Native American and 1% West African (and 97% European). DNA.Land 86'd the NA and WA, classified me as 98% "West Eurasian" (NW and South/Central European) and 1.6% "Ambiguous". Uploading my Ancestry.com test resulted in 100% West Eurasian with DNA.Land. I tend to believe that since they match your DNA against 8 groups in the Americas and 15 groups in Sub-Saharan Africa. If you don't match them you don't have the basic DNA markers for those continents.

  10. Exactly there have been many migrations. If you dig deeper you will find out many African tribes if not all are Hebrew Israelites. After the destruction of the Temple in 70AD, a lot of the descendants of Jacob fled to West Africa where they sought refuge.

  11. It is Se' Lione….west African Kriol an extension of our Gullah Creole Una e fambol!

  12. If you are on gedmatch we can match numbers if you wish

  13. Ur best one I see so far some of them are pulling teeth

  14. I did a comparison video as well, but I like yours better. ?

  15. how did you get the square box with a breakdown? I didn't get any just the circle thingy

  16. Love this, I can see the passion in you when you talk about your results. The history in Africa is indeed deep, so deep that everybody on earth shares it. All of us can trace our history back to Africa with no exception and that is a beautiful thing! XOXOXO

  17. Mari E says:

    Kind of curious how it works. There was a huge disparity between ancestry and dnaland. At dna land, I'm 53% african, 38% european, 4% east asian and 5% native american. On ancestry, I'm 59% african, 31% European, 6% native american and 4% west asian. I don't understand how the disparity can be that huge.

  18. Case White says:

    300$ wtf hahahaha

  19. You mentioned the idea that Ancestry DNA utilizes the dna of current peoples that reside in those designated regions, and compare them up against your to produce your ethnicity estimates. On the contrary, you spoke of you don't know how accurate the percentages maybe due to migration patterns of all those peoples. I don't think migration patterns are relevant seeing that in spite of where those people will physically stay,…they are going to still carry the same dna. The only way the dna could be diluted is through extensive intermarrying beyond the parent race, but I don't think migration would have anything to do with the dna. For example, in spite of the Bantu expansion geneticists can yet still identify the relationship of all these peoples because of their common dna. Look at your Africa Southeastern Bantu, these people originated in Cameroon prior expanding out into Central, Eastern, & Southern Africa,…regardless of their migrations their dna is recognized like a leaky trail.

  20. Hawk Defa says:

    Do you have to pay for DNA land ?

  21. why the hell does that african ancestry test cost so much?!

  22. your the first person i seen with more African on DNA land then ancestry

  23. WOW!! What a great presentation! You're so beautiful and intelligent. Please, never lose your enthusiasm and spirit.

  24. Ms. Smith says:

    How did it go from 77% to 87% African that's a big difference.

  25. I like DNA land more

  26. i got my results back from dna land i love the combination of ancestry and dna land results i feel complete lol

  27. Kya Issaye says:

    Very informative. My DNA Land results have basically the same result you have for East Africa, same percentage. Thank you for sharing.

  28. I guess I haven't seen a lot of DNA.land videos but that's a big difference (10%). All that I've seen were within a 5-8% difference and it has usually turned out that like if you're 80% African, you might show 76% on DNA.land. Very interesting… I wonder what their gene pool is that they are basing this one off of. Mine was closer to what Ancestry said so I assumed it was pretty much correct. Yours has thrown me for a loop! lol Great video! Thanks for posting!

  29. LOVED THIS VIDEO. You stated some very important reasons for knowing more about your story than what you are told. African-Americans have a rich history before slavery. Thank you for reminding many of us that doing this is important!

  30. vob great says:

    I just got my resolts back from DNA.Land and according to them all my trace regions from Ancestry are my dominant traits. And my dominant traits from Ancestry are trace regions for DNA.Land

  31. Brilliantly orated
    Thank you
    Got mine too, you gave mine more clarity and links to further in depth research.

  32. This was informative. I enjoyed it.

  33. gogan says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience! The folks kidnapped from East-Africa come mainly from Mozambique & Madagascar.

  34. So cool! I did the ancestry test, but I really want to look into my results more. But gedmatch just confused me so much with all the different tests you can do. I've just uploaded my dna to dna land. So I'm excited to see what the results are. But I'm still a lil bit sceptical if the results turn out differently from different companies. Plus quite a bit of my percentage was trace regions

  35. Jim Beam says:

    I'm currently waiting on my DNA.Land results after uploading my ancestry.com results and I wanted to get an idea of what to expect. This video was very helpful and is the only video I could find that compares the two. Thanks.

  36. wow, your skin is absolutely flawless. very beautiful young lady??

  37. Try Wegene.com I did the others too. I like to compare the results… Wegene is a chinese company. My native American Ancestry on Ancestry.com just highlighted the entire North and South America. DNA land Narrowed it down to Mexico, central american and South America with the exception of Brazil. Wegene narrowed it down to the Mayan people of central America.

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