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  1. Very good explained , to understand all this people most learn the history of the the old world

  2. Celts = Iberian peninsula = ireland

  3. But us Africans don't want you damn Dominicans maybe just the dark skin ones we will take if they're not acting like they are fake Europeans

  4. Kjonz Jonz says:

    Nice video. I am so glad you are very aware and informed about your heritage. Unfortunately, too many Dominicans do not know, or understand, their African, European and Native American ancestors.

  5. Marc E says:

    This is the best ancestry reveal video I've seen. You did a great job going through the intricacies of migration patterns, dna markers. and colonial history. I hope you're a history or biology teacher.

  6. Excellent video thanks

  7. DNA tests will not tell you your ethnicity. Ethnicity has to do with culture, not with genes.

  8. M RC says:

    Thank you for knowing what you are talking about.

  9. He kept saying slaves were taken. No slaves were not taken, people were taken and made slaves.

  10. Ur wrong ur ancestor is a Native American pal. She married or raped but u start with her .and Spaniard .then later africans came by force .so there a mestizo population already in dr. And I can explain why ur not Iberian hellooo the coast the coast all Europeans go to Spain to travel to new world many did..

  11. Yo thank you for going in depth with your results and guesses of migration patterns. You were very insightful

  12. Haha said I’ll make this quick with a 21 minute video. Not knocking the video at all, was just funny

  13. vera747 says:

    You are brilliant. Thanks for that breakdown. Could you break down the true identity of North Africans for us.? When i lived there for almost a year, many of them resembled the phenotype of Dominicans to me. From African to a small range of 'White' phenotype. You really should consider a channel breaking down history for us all…Also the Portuguese look very Afro in phenotype they would be interesting to examine as well. I do know that in the late 1800's so many slaves were shipped to Portugal that they outnumbered the Whites by 80 percent. Because of this Portugal began a campaign to invite Europeans with incentives to settle in Portugal to balance the scales. Only it did not fully work. Gracias para su informacion mi hermano.

  14. JUAN COLIN says:

    Funny fact about Monte Christi were your family is from. In the 1700s white Irish colonists from Barbados relocated there. It served as the capital for a while, and the architecture resembles that of the English Caribbean. That's why your Irish is so high. But i agree with you on migration patterns in Spain regardless.

  15. Damn Dude. That shit hit me right in my feelings. That slave trade was a bitch!!!!

  16. Greetings, congrats on finding out your genetic makeup. Great video and i'm glad to see more people taking DNA tests are brushing up on their history. I apologize in advance if someone has already brought this up, I attempted to look through the posts on this video and found no such information.

    A few corrections to what you've stated in your video regarding why you've received certain percentages. All of a regions history and admixture is already accounted for in said region, which means that if you happen to have another region show up in your genetics, that doesn't mean that its because X group invaded X group 2,000 years ago and that is why you have it. It is because within the last 500 – 1,000 years, you have ancestors that immigrated from said region.

    In your case, you received Ireland as part of your genetics because someone in your family literally came from Ireland at some point, not because before the arrival of the Romans, Celtic tribes (whose origins were from central Europe) were living in the Iberian peninsula, along with other pre-Celtic tribes.

    You should also remember that Spain and Portugal received many immigrants from all over Europe within the last 500 years or so, many of whom recently immigrated during the Spanish civil war in the 1930's from all over Europe. When analyzing a region's admixture percentages, this is why people native to the Iberian peninsula only score an average of 51%.

    Last thing, being a native of the region is the typical citizen compared to the reference population, not the reference population itself. The reference population is 100% Iberian (Iberian region = Pre-celtic iberian tribes, Celtic tribes, Romanization, Gothic/Germanic and Turkic invasions, Islamic/Berber conquest, Franco-Iberians, Irish immigration, etc)

    Hope this clears it up.

  17. Grain of salt? those matches are your blood relatives!

  18. mjbella72 says:

    I know I am late but you need to give lessons on this! AAAA+++++

  19. You should be teaching DNA History brother ? perhaps you can do some more research and teach people history as per new DNA technology

  20. We have almost the same result i am Dominican. I am 49.5% European/ 31.1% African/ 9.1% Native American/ 3% middle Eastern and 7.3% unassigned.

  21. Matxe9212 says:

    I dont like how informative this was because 90% of the things you said are misundestood on your part.

  22. We'll just round you up to 40% 😉

  23. my mom is 20 percent taina lol I'm 18 percent

  24. Jo says:

    Loved this video! Are you a historian?

  25. Hi 🙂
    Truly great video, Thanks for that.
    Reading through the comments, kinda just wanna add something. Iberian is not just Spain. Iberian Peninsula till this day is consisted of Portugal and Spain.
    Portuguese DNA is one of the most interesting ones in Europe, since it's history goes way back. We've had northern african, then celtics, then the roman empire, then the moors and later african slaves. Portugal has one of the oldest continental borders in the world, since 1143. So, it seems natural that a Portuguese, would have in fact in their DNA all these combined, since at one point or another, since 2000 AC, they have occupied the Iberian Peninsula. We were also one of the first people to "discover" the world, inventing such instruments as the astrolabe, that would allow us to travel high distances by see, which mades us have established routes with India,China (Macau was portuguese until 1999) and the UK and we also had a short visit of Napoleon Bonaparte up north. So the Iberian Gene we have is low even for a native, because it comes from the very original population we had before all of the above mentioned populations started coming in.
    So, we and the spanish are old as f*ck and both had colonies in Africa and South America and we owe apologies to the world on how that DNA marking came to appear on yours and so many other videos.

  26. Dominican here. My results came in: 53% European, 32% African, 5% Middle Eastern, 2% Native American, and the rest if the trace regions were from Siberia, Turkey, Algeria, South African & Mexican

  27. joellamm1 says:

    you are from the tribe called BAKONGO

  28. jahfreep says:

    I usually click on these videos and less than 2 seconds I switch to something else because they are long, boring and often lacking in information by the presenter, but brother you broke down the information precisely and even if you didn't know you did your research to educate yourself and the viewers. Much respect!!

  29. This is one of the best ancestry videos that I have seen. Thank you for being thorough.

  30. 3:00 they didnt raid the areas, they bought the slaves which were usually war prisoners from local african warlords or nobles.

  31. Great analysis! Spain has a very genetically diverse population. Your analysis of the Irish / Celtic ancestry was spot on! The Romans conquered Spain. So practically all Spanish people will have some Italian and Greek ancestry. That's how Spanish became a Romance (aka Roman as in from Rome, Italy) language. The Celts, who are linked to the "Irish," also have deep ancestral roots with populations in Spain, especially in the north of Spain in Galicia.

  32. much respect from a Puerto Rican who's awaiting results after 4 weeks. can't wait. bro…u dropped the knowledge like no other and I've watched many of these vids! much appreciated and keep doing your peeps proud! God bless!

  33. Elliv J says:

    Everyone who make ancestery test should watch this video first. Many people still think DNA is neatly grouped to modern nation states.

  34. you're the average Dominican 50+ European 35+ African 6+ native

  35. Ro Nom says:

    Thanks, the best explanation of Spanish DNA of all the videos I seen. I noticed a lot of videos of Latin Americans not knowing why they have Italy/Greece, Ireland, or Britain DNA. I am history major so I know why but your explanation is  great and very precise. Galicians, the most Celtic ( Irish and British marker DNA) immigrated a lot to the Americas. Italy/Greece DNA is all over Iberia because of the Roman Empire.

  36. Hey, have you tried uploading your raw DNA to gedmatch yet??? I got North American Indian and South Amerindian and I'm wondering if you are afro caribeño would the South American Indian be from the taino (they supposedly came from South American I guess????)

  37. SUPER Impressive!! Thanks for helping me to better understand my results when they come in. Sent in a week ago… Can't wait. Red headed Boricua so I will be better prepared if Ireland comes up. Lol. I hope more people that took this test, especially los Latinos from the lower Antilles, see this video for a more in-depth look into their DNA Ancestry.

  38. Thanks for your explanations!

  39. H says:

    Best one I've seen. I didn't feel inclined to skip not even a second, very informative.

    And as someone who is also Dominican, it helped me sort of make sense of my own results. Mine said 66% European: 31% Italy/Greek 22% Iberian peninsula and 5% Great Britain. The fact that there was significantly more Italian/Greek baffled me, but seeing this video helps me put things more into perspective. I'm going to further research what you said about the Nigerian aspect, you said Nigerian ancestry might more closely relate to Puerto Ricans and something to do with the demise of an empire?

    My DNA reflected 27% African, 14% of those actually just pure Nigerian and the rest of it comes from tiny trace regions. Interested in researching how that came to be. Again thanks a lot for your video, its the best one I've seen.

  40. You weren't off by much with your African estimate. You were accurate with your Native American as well. I guess that Italy/Greece could have been established during the Roman Empire. Very interesting.

  41. Mr. Gómez the "Irish" is actually basque blood. 
    Pais Basco. Los Vascos. Euskaldanuk.

    Run your DNA data through Gedmatch! The analysis is a bit more precise.

  42. I like the way you broke down your dna results!!!

  43. Tahnn Ju says:

    You are so right a lot of scandinavians and British and Italians migrated to Spain over the last 60 years alone

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