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Ancestry DNA for Mum – Amazonian?

Ancestry DNA for Mum – Amazonian?

Comparing My mother’s Ancestry DNA results with DNA land, MyHeritage, various Gedmatch results and a little bit of wegene.
She had various things appear in Ancestry ‘other results’ and the ranges that did not appear on the main page, so I looked at it in more depth elsewhere and found that at least two sites predicted she had Amazonian ancestry.


8 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA for Mum – Amazonian?

  1. 23andme gives more accurate results. GEDmatch is utter crap…about as good as a wedgieboard.
    There would be no problem with 100% British. Absolutely no reason there would be any genetic problem. And you can be 100% British without all your ancestors being British. While you do inherit 50% of your autosomal DNA from each parent, the percentage you get from each grandparent is not necessarily 25%. And going back further, the percentage from each becomes radically different. Only a few generations back and you will have nothing from an ancestor…others you will have more than their fair share.
    It is not like mixing paint, more like paint buckets full of ping pong balls.

    Intermarrying even at the first cousin level is generally safe even if a bit creepy.

    Travel used to be difficult and towns small and distant. So all those towns had small gene pools for hundreds or thousands of years. Coastal towns and towns on navigable rivers had much more genetic flow…but go inland off major trading routes…and there was very little flow.

  2. send your dna to me, and I'll change the name, thats all I'll change and send it in and I bet the company will say something altogether different. it's all just a money making gimmick.

  3. What do u mean Irish No .you cant just drop it cuz u dnt like it

  4. Matxe9212 says:

    The more distinct the region is the higher the possiblity of it being true. I saw a guy who could trace 2% of his african. If your mom truly has 1% amazonian it is probably true. Itยดs within the last 400 years makes sense since your british (colonial period) God save the queen and all that jazz ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Blue Angel says:

    If you think of it like this the lesser % is the oldest, we probably come from a island and split up and went areas which then became different nations.I too am British and also have Polynesia and Melanesia as a smidge.

  6. Mona E. says:

    I like your informative videos! Greetings from South Germany

  7. 11:25 If you look at it too quickly, that silhouette looks obscene ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. CampKohler says:

    With your investigative skills, you should be working for MI5, tracking down terrorists and people who don't pay their TV licenses.

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