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Ancestry DNA How To Tutorial

Ancestry DNA How To Tutorial

This video is about Ancestry DNA how to do the kit. Sorry about the background noise. LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE 😉


19 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA How To Tutorial

  1. Thank you for your very helpful and precise instructions. I had to walk my 75 year old, hard of hearing uncle thru the process over the phone and your video greatly helped!!!!

  2. DOes it have to be in a computer or can I do it in my phone?

  3. i'm doing it now. thank you!

  4. UzeHerName says:

    So helpful… thank you!

  5. Del says:

    Will be interesting to see what my results are. I'm a chimera. I have two sets of DNA. I just sent for the kit last night.

  6. Thanks for the how to. So what was your nationality breakdown?

  7. Thank you! Your video was very helpful

  8. 1864Kit says:

    Thank you for this, really helped, very informative! Funny about the lipstick,lol. ?

  9. An old choir practice hint for more saliva is to bite your TONGUE and you mouth reacts with more saliva (which helps when you are singing for a long time and you do not want a dry throat.)

  10. thank you that was very helpful!

  11. This helped alot thanks!

  12. Many thanks as I was apprehensive about doing the test and now can do it with confidence, Marguerite

  13. Dee Soso says:

    Thank you for the tutorial!

  14. sandee ccg says:

    Thank you!!!!    You did a great job of describing how to do this.

  15. Fuck I didn't tighten the cap enough for the liquid to go down

  16. Very helpful! Thank you !!!

  17. when are you going to post your resalts?

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