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Ancestry Dna : I found My Dad’s Family

Ancestry Dna : I found My Dad’s Family

I left out the fact that lady I connected with from the AncestryDna is my cousin. She helped out so much


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  1. Judy Hart says:

    My brother was adopted, but he won’t even discuss it. I sure wish he would take the test, might be a lot of answers for him. Glad you had a happy outcome.

  2. I haven't taken the test been hesitant because of rumors about DNA. Test. But I never had a dad. One of my brothers either he was always told prince was his father. I think we both need the test. Especially after your story.

  3. You made me cry.??????

  4. I'm 24 and I'm looking for my dad …..I don't know his name nor his age or what kind of race he is…my mom is African American but I have different hair and eyes from the rest of my siblings…i was adopted and my mom passed away ?? before I can ask who is my dad…now that I'm older I fill like I need to know …if anyone have suggestions.. please comment….. I just wanna know who he is and his side of the family…im so hurt inside …

  5. J M says:

    Girl I was applying makeup while watching your video and had to start all over again as I was crying with you! I’m ordering my dna kit tonight as I have never met my biological father, I also know he was adopted. I’m worried about popping up on a family as a potential ‘secret child’ but I need to know who I am!

  6. Thanks for sharing…I went 40+ yrs not knowing who my biological family was.until Ohio opened all adoption records. 3 yrs ago.. and I found out I had older siblings and younger. I also found out my parents had been married..But i was chosen to be adopted..( such a long story) I never knew I had siblings..And yes for yrs I never knew who I really was.. I can't wait to do ancestry.com also…But God bless you for finding your dad family..

  7. Suzie Blue says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, you made me cry. Cheers to your Dar, powerful!

  8. You can find that newspaper article!

  9. Lyricus X says:

    Your emotions are beautiful. I'm crying with you because I can see and feel your love for your dad. Stop saying you are sorry for expressing feelings that validate you and your loving heart, Great job your dad is blessed.

  10. Discovering ancestry through DNA can be both wonderful and frighting. I had a sigh of relief with the affirmation I’m related to immediate family in the way I expected. On the other hand I see a few people who….their dad is not dad and the tree they built is not biologically correct. One person in particular from our shared relatives, tens of people, it is clear which branch of my family she is a member of. I think when she first realized it she deleted the family tree she had created, then put it back, briefly locked her family tree from view, then unlocked and resumed adding to the father’s tree that she biologically can’t belong. I’d contact her and try to have a careful discussion but we are on opposite coasts and it is not like I can specifically identify her dad as enough of our cousins have not taken DNA tests and her biological dad is surely dead.

  11. This is an amazing story. I went through the exact same thing and found my father's biological mom, siblings and cousins. I'm actually meeting them next month. I recommend anyone who has questions to take the test.

  12. Thank you for sharing love! I'm adopted and inspired to take the test.

  13. God Bless You! I'm so happy for you! <3 I am still on a journey to find my dad but trying to keep the faith that I will one day.

  14. Sabrina B says:

    I understand your emotions! I am SO HAPPY for y’all!
    My father was adopted and unfortunately he deceased, but as of Nov 17, 2017 I found his biological family.
    I emailed a female who happened to be my full cousin and she basically sent me an email back saying that they had an idea about him and I lost it!

  15. I appreciate this video so much! Thank you for your vulnerability and transparency. 🙂

  16. Thank you for sharing your story. I just mailed off my dna sample 2 days ago. Please keep us posted on your journey

  17. What a beautiful story…i too was adopted and i was lucky enough to find mine in my 40s..Im so happy for your dad and you x

  18. You are inspiring to tell my story how I tracked down my dad's family. I did dna a couple years ago, it just confirms that I am my dad's child.

  19. Marc E says:

    I'm still hoping to find my dad's family. So far, its just my mom's side of the family. My dad, grand mother, and grand father passed away

  20. Phil Jones says:

    I found my first cousins sons on Ancestry DNA. I never knew about them because my first cousin abandoned his wife and kids when they were children In the mid sixties.

    You are amazing I am a African American man and I cried with you. God bless you I want to hear more.

  21. Who in their right mind dislikes this!!!! Waiting for my results as well and I'm also from Jersey

  22. Juwe says:

    You open the Pandora box…always expect the unexpected. Delighted for you that the result superbly soothing.Good on you

  23. What a moving video! ❤️ So glad you helped your dad find clarity and connection. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. L. Sher says:

    I get so happy and emotional when I hear these stories. I found my dad's family also via 23andMe. I am very happy for you and your dad.

  25. bali973 says:

    Wow that was really amazing good story

  26. This story is so touching. Thanks for sharing it. There are so many
    people who long to find out where
    they come from and who their family members are, and where they are located.

  27. ive been looking at a few videos about the ancestry stuff, and originally I thought it was a bunch of mumbo jumbo!! lol If you Black in America you ended up here from the slave trade. Period.I just really didn't think it could tell me much more than that. But seeing your video and a few other ones… Im starting to see how thorough this thing really is! The fact that they can produce a list of dna matches to you and give you a list of last names that match your dna is crazy!! the tv commercials don't do it justice, cause that is Amazing! I'm pretty sure im going to try it!! Just to see! We got a real small family and I know its wayyyy more to it!! So Thank You for putting us all in your Bizness!! I really appreciated your openness and emotions. I cant lie… I got a lil teary with you for a minute!! lol I will definitely keep you posted on whatever I find. Thank you!!

  28. What a great story and love the results. That must had been so special for your Dad. Thanks for sharing it with us. Loved it.
    I have a new channel where I'm searching my Family Tree. Please come check it out. And subscribe if you feel like it's something you might like to follow? 😉 x

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