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Ancestry DNA Kit Full Process

Ancestry DNA Kit Full Process

A tour de force of the full process for Ancestry.Com


26 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Kit Full Process

  1. why in the world would a person take a dna test to found your ancestry, now think you dont no who else is going to get your dna /like the police and the govt along with anyone else who wants it my point if u ever have done any thing you should not have done you may found the law at your door//////

  2. futurez12 says:

    I very much doubt they can actually separate Ireland from Great Britain. Lots of Americans desperate to be Irish (for whatever reason), I wouldn't be surprised if they are doing that just to satisfy them and sell more kits. I think I'm right in saying no other DNA testing company separates them, you've gotta ask yourself why that is.

    Regarding your confusion as to why it shows so much Great Britain DNA when we're a mix of Germanics and Scandinavians… I think it only goes back 200 years, so I guess the general DNA of Britain has commonalities that differ slightly from it's origins due to the passage of time. I'm pretty sure only really your ethnicity (european) is accurate with these tests as that'll go back over a thousand years.

  3. I’m 100% persian/ from Iran. But DNA wise apparently I’m Irish and Nordic w some Central Asia. Zero Arabian or Persian or near eastern or Levant for me. Wonder if it’s bc of the Viking rapes. They did rape northern Iran for 100 years and my family comes from that area actually. Central Asia must be Mongols. Makes sense. Btw my son was born w red hair. Maybe I am Irish afterall.

    British and Irish is actually quite different. Even DNA wise. Irish always come across to me as Mediterranean/ middle eastern in mindset/ culture/ attitude/ and even their eyes is bigger. Irish are much more likeakable than other whites if you ask me.

  4. O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.


  5. I really like u… first vid I seen of u. Would u do a MBTI personality test? I'm ENFP if ur interested.

  6. Does it come in the mail or the door I have so many questions

  7. I'm in Germany does anyone know how can I get the kit ?

  8. does it break down West Europe into countries?

  9. Vega Lyrah says:

    Your voice is gorgeous.

  10. I'd love to try this but it'd probably just say I'm 100% Chinese. If anything else maybe a little Mongol or Manchu. It's more complex than that because the Han Chinese tribe did alot of conquering and absorbed lots of other peoples into the genetic makeup that Chinese people have today, but I doubt they would be able to go into that kind of depth, which is the kind of depth you're talking about with the British/Roman/Scandinavian ancestry.

  11. We all come from Africa though, don't we?

  12. I'd just take the test to drive them crazy. I know so far that I have great-grandparents from Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Lebanon, Germany, France and Arabia. Argentina is a wacky country.

  13. Tom Rogers says:

    No way I just did one of these i live in Britain and was 38% Irish 44% western European 10% Scandinavian 1% South Asian and 1% Iberian

  14. This seems cool and we know we're American Indian but we also know my mother is German and a hint of Slavic so we're interested in how me and my brothers lie either white or red

  15. Loved this!!! Utterly fascinating, please upload any follow ups!

  16. no sleep says:

    i'm sorry anthony, you're not really japanese ;O;

  17. When they say Irish they probably mean Celtic Irish

  18. Silly Sad says:

    i think it shows you your relationships to the CONTEMPORARY people leaving in those areas.
    this is why it gives you no info on former tribes.

  19. wow a spit kit lol no harm in it what drawing blood now  dna test use be now it spit hum hey mr cummins we have same type of like in movie I see you like hell boy Ron Pullmen   so you  more Irish  then English  it show I am French  and west plain Native American

  20. I took the same test, I am a German/French, British/Scottish, Russian/Polish, Italian/Greek mutt. (99% European and 1% Middle Eastern for me, the wife is 99% European and 1% Asian) for about $150 this is a cool test to take.

  21. Calidor85 says:

    Does it says how much Neanderthal DNA you have?

  22. all Caucasians come from Middle East /West Asia. I really believe Caucasians evolve from Asians.

  23. i think every europian will have 1% india and germans will have more , because germanics a lot of them are the native aryan indians who moved there and got mixed with scandinavians.

  24. Jugg3r says:

    Interesting. Thx for sharing.

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