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Ancestry DNA Pt 3, GED Match Results

Ancestry DNA Pt 3, GED Match Results

Part three of my Ancestry DNA Results. Describing my GED Match Results,


14 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Pt 3, GED Match Results

  1. Fuck u act so gay,u a disgrace to us Black/African ppl.anyway we don't claim gays like u

  2. I love watching your DNA videos lol. You're awesome:) I did the ancestry DNA and just got my results a few days ago. I made a video too, I was shocked I wasn't more African

  3. Americans are ignorant as fuck about race. Have no idea how anything in the world works. We suck.

  4. Love your nails I have never been able to grow my nails, but yours are great.  Ok at the end of the day you are black with very little anything else.  Your are nice looking and that counts for something.

  5. Tahnn Ju says:

    you do look somalian

  6. Meditteranean would likely be Italian.

  7. Baby ain't no place called Mediterranea. Being Mediterranean means you are from places that border the Mediterranean sea.

  8. kimbakayla says:

    you are beautiful…do not sweat the idiots, my brutha!

  9. What is the Iberian peninsia? it's not pronounced like that it's pen-nin-Zoola. Also My Mexican Grandmother got 41% from there which is spain and Portugal and 17% West Europe (France Germany ect) 20% Great Britain 10% Ireland and 5% Europe east 2%Caucasus 5% Middle east

  10. You are a sweetie pie. I have enjoyed you. Being disabled and homebound you brightened my day. #doyou

  11. so Siberian people are the ancestors of native americans and Atlantic Baltic or Baltic people are eastern European like Russia Yugoslavia Lithuania

  12. Thanks for the heads up about it taking four hours. No one else has mentioned it took so long.

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