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Thank you! [SKIP TO 4:03 FOR RESULTS]



  1. https://youtu.be/y38Yyco5lis
    New video up with my friends. ???? Dominican Candy VS Mexican Candy!! ? ?
    Go check it out and leave us a comment! ?

  2. That's what makes you so beautiful.

  3. Nice results you should visit Italy and Greece beautiful places line DR which i visited 2 times and i loved it

  4. Love the no sound solution, black and white with music

  5. I like the way you put together the video with no audio to appear and sound like a black and white silent movie, all it needed was typed words scrolling on the bottom.??

    Gracias Bella hermana!

  6. Very nice video. You are pretty. Mixed people rock. ☺

  7. Ayy Bonita u look Dominican lol
    Very Nice mix always wondered what the mix was for Dominicans I love visiting the island a few times a year so much fun!

  8. Why do people get so hyped about having Taino ancestry? Not a knock against tainos, but Africans have a vastly richer history than any taino. Go read some books!

  9. Wellcome back taina sister

  10. I got to do my I hope I have higher taino blood on me I feel taino

  11. tu lindo muy inteligente amor su cara

  12. TER 0 says:

    Bella Mujer. Can't wait for mine, but I have to do it again, well, for the 3rd time! lol Fuck!

  13. You’re really pretty! Nice results too, they’re pretty common for a Caribbean person

  14. Hispanics are mainly European. But we are mix with African and native Americans and other. I love that you share this because people are always saying the Dominicans and puericans are this are that. DNA shows we are mix not just one race. people get on the internet trying to convince everyone that they are black. Like Hispanics are mix. We are individually mix every Latinos has different roots. I love how people are discovering their own history.

  15. laboratory sweetie not lavatory in English is toilet. U funny.

  16. Your eyes look Asian which could be because of the Taino heritage, face looks mostly European, but the shape of the gums/teeth is African. Your skin tone could pass as Middle Eastern or South Italian. You're the DNA version of the United Nations, just like my kids!

  17. jjgnbf says:

    En la inmensa mayoría de caribeños que veo sus resultados tienen algo de indígena, por lo que estos fueron asimilados.
    Eres guapa y femenina.
    Mis resultados son aburridos, 99.8% europeo, la mayoría del Sur de Europa, ibérico, italico, balcánico y un 8.3% de noroeste de Europa.

  18. She is pretty asf???

  19. Riley llan says:

    She doesn't look like she has Black in her at all. She looks mixed with white and Native American.

  20. I think you look Israel

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