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  1. He spoke almost 4 mins about contesting accuracy… he must have been missing some native american cause black ppl will take 100 tests looking for some "indian" or maybe he was disappointed.

  2. french2two says:

    Hey Tony I'm getting good at this. So here is my guess before I get the results. African, West 68%: Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo,; Bantu 4% trace 3%. Europe 22%: Irish, 8%, Scandinavian 3%, west Europe 6% , Central Asia 5%. West Asia, trace 3%. No Native American.

    OK that will be $79.

  3. Midnight says:

    Hey, I was saying the other day that no one ever has Pygmy blood. Thanks for adding height to the heritage LOL

  4. Tyrone says:

    Tony, thanks for sharing! You definitely have Bajan features.Also, if you are interested you can search for your Barbadian relatives online pre-1911 here: https://familysearch.org/search

  5. uh huh I wrote that before you said ii lol

  6. the Native part might be from the Caribbean

  7. WeGene.com/en is another one. They accepts Ancestry and 23andme DNA Data. It's based out of China. Some people are leary but many of us went for it. Here is the Facebook Group: WeGene Users https://www.facebook.com/groups/241172406246126/

    Also, Would you share your Gedmatch DNA Kit number? Mine is M886960.

  8. Yes. DNA.land confirmed the history I was told of my 2nd great grandmother. It took 180 years for her story to be validated but I pass her story on to my children of where they came from…the Mende, and Mandenka tribes.

  9. Tony you are a cutie. If you have a significant other, you tell them they are fortunate to have you. I knew you had european blood in you, I thought you were mixed..black and white

  10. Nice mixture honey bun,lol lol

  11. its crazy how you look alot less black than me and I only had 55 percent African…I'm still shocked

  12. Blue Blaze says:

    My biggest African contribution is Nigeria too at 21%:)

  13. I'm chuckling at the thought of a 6'2 Pygmy 🙂

  14. awesome so ur Nigerian decent

  15. mmmariis says:

    Finnish people are not Russians and not Slavic! The part that is called in this Northwestern Russia in this test used to be Finland and it was inhabitated by Finnish and Fenno-Ugric people. This part was called Karjala which is by the way totally Finnish name! This part was invaded by Russia in 1939! That is not long time ago! It is so sad to hear how these DNA tests mislead people to believe that they have Russian decent which is not true at all! The test should refer to this group as Fenno-Ugric nations and get the history right!

  16. Up here in Canada I know a lot of Nigerians and I married one. My hand to God, when I opened your video I said "This guy is about to find out he's Nigerian." Congratulations.

  17. I understand that the Caribbean Islands Native Americans went there from the tribes in the northern part of South America. I used to think they came from Seminole in what is now Florida and other northern areas. After some research, on Arawak and Carib tribes came from South America.Great presentation. Thanks for sharing it!

  18. Tony M says:

    cerulean4588, thanks for the link and information about Finns.

  19. The south African regions consist of the pygmies and the bantus. More than likely your ancestors were bantus because they were a larger tribe and travelled throughout the southern region of Africa. The bantus tend to be tall and slender also.

  20. Sono says:

    My results Peruvian/Chilean
    Native American:50%
    Iberian Peninsula:13%
    Great Britain:8%
    European Jewish:2%
    Europe West:<1%
    Africa North:4%
    Asia Central:<1%
    Middle East:2%

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