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Ancestry DNA Results & background (Mexico In My Senses) Native American

Ancestry DNA Results & background (Mexico In My Senses) Native American

5:16 DNA RESULTS (Because I am a chatterbox)

Did I meet your expectations of who or what you thought I was?
Let’s have discussions! 🙂
I spent 2 months looking at Ancestry DNA results videos before I decided to get my own DNA tested. I’ve also used gedmatch.com so if I can help anyone on their journey, let me know!


49 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results & background (Mexico In My Senses) Native American

  1. Good Vibes says:

    You look 100%native Aztec…Beautiful

  2. Me too, I'm only interested on knowing how much native American percentage is in my blood. I know I have other ethnicities involved, but just for info. Not to change what my identity is.

  3. Do you have a Twitter? I’d like to follow u

  4. Jalf Dado says:

    It's always nice to see someone who is interested in Mexico's history. I like your video. Saludos desde Mesa AZ??

  5. I'm reading "Aztec" by Gary Jennings. You should check it out

  6. Gente. I’m studying Nahuatl as well. It might not be the exact language of my ancestors but it’s the most popular indigenous Mexican language, so it has the most resources. I’m 58% indigenous, mostly from the region of Yanaguana Coahuiltecan (San Antonio, TX) and all of our languages went extinct with the arrival of Spanish settlers.

  7. Always remember native Americans are the LANDLORDS OF AMERICA. Let's all be proud of our heritage . even those that half mixed with white or african. Just remember no greater tittle than to be the landlord of all europeans amd africans.

  8. My mom is from guerrero too

  9. Ancestory dot com just a reminder that your ancestors were raped plain and simple ?

  10. Where did you get the sticker of the aztec man

  11. Alacran says:

    most southern mexicans are more indigenous than there northern counterparts of mexico i've seen lots of mexicans that has slanted eyes like hers im from tamaulipas and we mainly have huastec indian blood

  12. To the Dutch hater:
    By the way, Europeans did not "civilize" any of the natives they "conquered ", with their GREED for the natural resources of each region, they brought DISEASES and VICES and forced THEIR religion on the natives of those regions.

  13. Ignorant haters like him are the lowest forms of life. All they do is pollute this planet with their venom. I pity him and those like him.
    I commend you on your interest in learning more about your heritage, culture and the origins of your genetic makeup. Please continue doing so. ???????? ??

  14. I am Africa American. 48% Ghana, 38% Native American (Cherokee Nation), 6% Iberian Peninsula, 5% Germany. 3% unassigned. Wonderful mixture.

  15. Slavic333 says:

    such a high percentage of native american, but i expected it, especially your eyes are kind a 'narrow' typically for native american which looks very nice by the way

  16. The most important essiental is knowing the Native Indingous…. but at least we're Spanish speaking & culture instead of some other European…it be very different if we was Dutch or French?
    Please don't get me wrong I wish we was still Native speaking,& cultured, etc period

  17. What part of Mexico did you come from?

  18. T Brown says:

    You got those chihuahua eyes like many Mexicans. Very native

  19. You are beautiful. I got my result and feel cheated by the Native American, it's a big? I would like to know tribes at least.

  20. You’re so beautiful ?? Ima subscribe please sub back to me

  21. Nice..I love history about the Aztec and history of Mexico

  22. yuk747 says:

    That's a high native American percentage almost three quarters percent.

  23. But remember from 1586 Native Filipinos started to migrate from En Las Islas Filipinas (Philippines) into Mexico and intermarried with the natives of Mexico and other natives of South Americas.

  24. you looks from Philippines

  25. Howl 24 says:

    Although we're seperated by a big ocean, we seem to have much in common.
    The fact that you know Nujabes makes you awesome regardless 😉

  26. She looks Filipino a lil.

  27. Why so many dislikes ? She is so beautiful

  28. Malak Y says:

    I liked your video.
    If you're still looking for information on your family and they didn't get birth certificates,
    you may try the local parish records (chances are they were christened.)
    Since you don't reside in Morelos but in Texas you could try familysearch.org
    It is free and they have records from many places.

  29. dole2186 says:

    My family is from Taxco and I was born and lived in Chicago IL

  30. Tita Linda says:

    Taxco is a gorgeous town!!! I am from Chile, and I have visited it a couple of times.❤️

  31. I'm normally into güeras, I also really like castizas (my dream girl is a castiza) but you are gorgeous. You are beautiful. I'm a Mexican originally from Michoacán. Watch my 23andme ancestry results video too. Wow, I was thinking you were a balanced mestiza or a mestiza slightly leaning towards your amerindian side like 60/40 or maybe 65/35 but wow, you are an inverse castiza. you are in between1/8 and 1/4 European I thought you were more than that.

  32. Great One says:


  33. adytos says:

    Loved your video. Congratulations on your results. Five regions of the planet are considered by anthropologists as cradles of civilization. Most of your DNA comes from one of those. That's probably why you are so awesome.

  34. jay walker says:

    the mexican people are native americans the majority of mexicans are natives unless they are mixed with africans or other races the percentages of mexicans having native american is higher than dna tests much higher folks mexicans are native americans

  35. Juan Rocha says:

    All the dislikes are Afrocentric’s and Eurocentric’s Cherokee princesses and black mound builders lol. We the real deal. Native Land.

  36. I am 55% native american I am Mexxican.

  37. Wil liam says:

    Nice intro video!!!

  38. "I don't care about the trace regions, White is White." Girl, you had me rolling on that one, LOL! It seems like some ethnic people get all excited about the European side and the trace regions. You were kind of flippant about it and I was laughing so hard. Gave your presentation of your DNA results a thumbs up. Was even more interested in the fact that you were learning Nahuatl. Loved your journal. The stickers of Frida Kahlo, the Indigenous god, and Ernie were too cute. Thanks again for your video.

  39. Mike Perez says:

    thank u, bless u, and add ceremony(sweat lodges, vision quest, sun dances, dansante) good things and be safe in ur journey

  40. im 95 percent of Native American blood and im a Colombian Peruvian with some. Japanese ancestry

  41. i'm mexican and have been boasting about my 49% native american and now i feel shamed

  42. Xo says:

    Viva el indigenismo!!!!

  43. kaatvc91 says:

    Just got my results. I think yours is the only video that is close to my results. I got 66% Native and East Asian, 26% European and then trace amounts of other ethnicities. My parents are also from Guerrero from Apaxtla I think. My mom was born in a village called texocotla, population: <100. Her Grandma was 100% Nahuatl. My parents grew up in Cuernavaca, though.

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