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  1. So pretty, I think we ate related, we have slmost same dna, what foundation do you use

  2. Joy Kidd says:

    All of Mankind came out of Africa so why is having African blood a surprise? What is wrong is why it is viewed as a stigma, It is the basis of humanity. No other continent has our direct cousins so why the colourless think they are special is beyond me.

  3. Mousa Da says:

    You're very beautiful ❤❤❤❤

  4. you dont have russian or australian south asian dna im south asian and us south asians have indoaryan dna similar to russians russians i heard have alot of south asian dna but us south asians also have a bit of australian aboiriginal and melanise dna so if you marry one of my kind your children will be haveing dna from all over world

  5. If you are Brazilian why you are wearing a hijab?

  6. Leila A says:

    You got very similar results to me

  7. Et tes boutons sur le front,ils sont de quelle origine

  8. You have Brazilian in you. Brazilians are very mixed.

  9. I’m 100% Palestinian

  10. Is your mom lebanees and syrian

  11. Many people were lied to about their ancestry especially Hispanics and Brazilians iro their native American ancestry. In most cases they overstate their Amerindian DNA and understate their Negroid DNA although in most cases they show more African phenotype.

  12. I know this is a year old but I have just come across your video and love your channel. I did my DNA test, before going into it I knew I was Angolan, Portuguese & German. After doing my DNA test I found out I am Cape Verdean 70%, only 2% Angolan, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, north African, native American & southeast asian. I was completely shocked with my results lool. Found out my closest relatives are in US, Brazil and Portugal (not surprised about Portugal since I'm always there lol)!

  13. The middle east is West Asia

  14. TB says:

    Habiba…both my parents are lebanese born but i live in australia and my DNA is 50% syrian/lebanese, 30% italian/greek and 20% caucuses which is on the border of iran/turkey/Armenia. I would guess that your dad is from africa and iberia and the greek/italian from your mum.

  15. Its shocking to me that you were shocked by the high level of african on your DNA. First it is very clear by your look that you have African blood second your dad is Brazilian,  for obvious reasons it is not unusual for Brazilians to have African blood even the light skins ones. I was not going to be surprised if the african percentage was much higher in you

  16. Im so disappointed i find out i am human. Ppl stop labeling your self we are humans.

  17. this chick rambles way too much. get to the damn data result!

  18. Jordan says:

    Hijab avec maquillage mdrrr j'suis mort

  19. KEL7000 says:

    First off beautiful just beautiful my Queen ? and also nice video….!!!!!

  20. Arab isn't a Race..arabs are people from arabian pinensula

  21. Most brazilians are from european roots

  22. You're wrong. Italian and Greece are Very Common in Brazil. This is for your dad side. I know because I'm brazilian from italian and greek roots. Most brazilians are

  23. As salam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

    I hope all is well with you. The Arabs of today are not like the Arabs of the 7th century and earlier than that. They were darker. Umar and Ali have been described as jet black. The Prophet saw a dream which was interpreted correctly by Abu Bakr that the Arabs would become lighter/darker.

    This is most likely why Turkey and Armenia is showing up in your results. For more information about the complexion of the Arabs please read Centering Black Narrative by Ahmed Mubarak/Dawud Walid and Illuminating The Darkness by Habeeb Akande.

  24. Mk Km says:

    Most of these ppl claiming to be Arabs nowadays have a high percentage of European.. Those with less I imagine are the original Arabs from Arabia and Yemen.

  25. Jackie B says:

    love it ! you're Armenian too ??

  26. 88hmoreira says:

    Very interesting! Love your video and all the background of your heritage. I'm also part Brazilian, can't wait to do mine!

  27. central Africa will be ur dad the Portuguese took slaves from that area and a lot of them ended up in Brazil

  28. I'm 100 percent Arab
    Proud to be

  29. Have you been in Brazil?

  30. part of the confusion is that west Asia and middle east overlap so combine them they are one thing

  31. That's not surprising that your Levantine mom would have non-Middle Eastern ancestry. Your mom actually has a high amount for a Levantine, though I'm not sure if that's just a Lebanese thing, because most of the Levantine dna studies I've looked at are Palestinian, and usually they have much higher Caucasus result. And I knew you would have West African ancestry, it's definitely in your facial features.

  32. Your father could have west Asia, Caucasus, Middle East, and North Africa. Iberia was occupied by Muslim for some time.

  33. Russia is not a continent

  34. Could I know where do you from in Lebanon?

  35. quítate el trapo de la cabeza

  36. Shut up she's amazing

  37. Jezz Ezz says:

    Middle Eastern especially the ones on Levant will always or most of the time will have European Greek/Italian/Albanian/Circassian/Spanish/French etc

  38. hello you can speak arabic??????

  39. Caucasians are from Russia…..

  40. Meh, 5% Native American is probably the same percentage you would find in the majority of Brazilians, our DNA is mostly composed by European and African ancestry. The native population was almost decimated by the Europeans :/

  41. hi marhaba i did family tree dna and 23andme , i have 80% middle east which surprised me because im white and my face is europan but my parents are both lebanese… i was adopted so i knew this at the age of 40

  42. Mira Bella says:

    Your north African side might come from the time when Muslims (moores) ruled in Iberic part. Apart of Spain and Portugal was under the Ottoman Empire. Because your dad is Brazilian, I'm not surprise that you have European and African DNA. Most of your people is mixed with something

  43. No tienes calor Con esa bufanda?

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