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Ancestry DNA Results (Dominican) & IDENTITY

Ancestry DNA Results (Dominican) & IDENTITY

This is my DNA ancestry test. It took me exactly 7 weeks since i ordered the kit. What surprised me the most was my high Taino ancestry because i expected less than that.

Am Dominican and i have never identify myself by race or color and am no planning on doing it neither.


24 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results (Dominican) & IDENTITY

  1. He is definitely ashamed of his black heritage. It is obvious be would have alot of black. His features and hair give it away.

  2. If you are not white living in America will let you know fast.you dominicans are always bragging about being dominican.you never own your afro heritage.America will point it out to you.

  3. People dont under stand why dominicans want to be white european.you dont have european features.you dont have blonde hair or blue eyes.you all are mostly black.leave you racism and colorism back in DR.america is a melting pot.in politics its black and white.

  4. That was good video….I learned a little something too.

  5. IT'S HIM says:

    My mother is African American and my father is a Puerto Rican from Orocovis PR. My results through AncestryDNA came back….

    22% Congo/Cameroon

    17% Europe South

    15% Nigeria

    8% Europe West

    7% Ivory Coast/Ghana

    6% Native American

    6% Benin/Togo

    5% African South Eastern Bantu

    4% Ireland/Scotland/Wales

    3% Mali

    2% Iberian Peninsula

    2% Great Britain

    1% Senegal

    1% Africa South Central Hunter Gatherers

    <1% Europe East

    <1% Middle East

    (People think I am Dominican in the Heights.)

    I am 60% African, 34% European and 6% Native American.

  6. I really wish y’all would knock that Taino shit off

  7. I love watching Dominicans do their ancestry DNA RESULTS shit is hilarious. 1000% African lmfaooooo

  8. Respect from Cameroon

  9. Shesus L says:

    Based on the videos on here , It seems like a large majority of Dominicans are biracial.

  10. That’s so true man, I’m Dominican and I never really thought about race till I came to this country ??‍♂️.

  11. its not your fault bro I'm haitian and have the right to think what ever u wanted to be but like the paper said most place u name is in Africa but u grew up been dominican nothing wrong with dat at all but u are part off africa Thats all and I'm haitian proud to be and I know u proud to be dominican best friend is dominican living in haiti ti domikin my niggs 4life

  12. Happy Ness says:

    Why is everyone from Ghana and camaroo? Why not 29% Egyptian or Kenya… Hummm? Makes me wonder

  13. You look Samoan homie.

  14. I'm 90% Taino 5%spanish 5%black

  15. Dominicans are niggers at all

  16. My father is dominican and, my mother is african american 🙂 i was discriminated alot because of my dark skin and, there was alot of superiority groups telling me im not dominican. so when i took a dna test saying im %70 africa %4 native american %25 european and, %1 melanesian. And, when ancestry updated it showed me my genetic community which is dominican and, also my ancestors story of how my family migration not only lived in dominican republic, but also Venezuela and, cuba because of my spanish and, italian/greek roots that came hear. I knew my father had african roots in him but you would never notice it lol. But im so proud. Learn the truth of our history and, unity. We need more people like you man?

  17. Lu says:

    The initial history is the same, but the post slavery history is a bit different. What I mean by initial history… Slaves were brought to the island, Natives were murdered, same history as North America… Slaves were brought over and Natives Murdered. But going forward it became different since DR were conquered by Spanish which is the reason we speak spanish but we are not spanish. Same with the U.S the English took over, that's why English is the main language, but Americans are not English. Know your pre-slavery history people.

  18. Harmony H says:

    WHAT you mean to tell me you ain't Puerto Rican?

  19. I just wanted to say that i commend you for doing your DNA results. It seems (but not is) uncommon (due to brainwashing in the media and different cultural experiences) for Latinos and other cultures to acknowledge their African, Native american, and/or other cultures. But I am glad that you cleared everything up regarding experiences. Your experience may be different as a latino and as an american. And my experience maybe different because of phenotype, features, and a host of other things. But I'm glad that I have gotten educated on your culture and can apply this example to other cultures no matter their race, features, etc..

  20. I think the same man I am black Dominican and we dont think about race we are friends and relatives out of our country only you can see all the difference in races I am black and I don think too much because our mind we enjoy who we really are

  21. What is a latino? Are italians latino?

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