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Ancestry Dna Results – Filipino

Ancestry Dna Results – Filipino

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ancestry website : https://www.ancestry.ca/dna/?stay&ex=dna

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49 thoughts on “Ancestry Dna Results – Filipino

  1. Timo Star says:

    Filipino ahhh now it all makes sense lol smh.

  2. King Stars says:

    Why does Filipino looks like mexican?

  3. The only way Filipinos look like Latinos because Native American tends to have very dark skin and small eyes and Latinos tends to have it in them so that's why

  4. And yeah Mexican who has a lot Native American in them would look either Filipino because of there dark skin and not so big eyes

  5. I live in a area full of Mexican and I can say there's some Mexican that I thought were either Filipino or Pacific Islander

  6. Pilipino blood spanish american jap..

  7. Filipinos were originally called the people of Maharlikan kingdom who rules the maharlika modern day philippines including hawaii, saba, south borneo and the small island of spratli.. the rulers of the maharlikan kingdoms are king Luizong the father of datu puti, datu lapu lapu, raja bago, and raja soliman luzon is the capital of the kingdom named after luizong.. it is not imposible to have polynesian ancestry if hawaii was once ruled by maharlikan kingdom.. when the spanish conquistadors arrives in maharlika they claim they are the ones who discover the kingdom and later named it to their current king that time king phillip.. maharlikan kingdom was been existed since 10th century AD chinese empire of ming was been a trading partner of maharlika they recorded a kingdom called maharlika with a vast wealth.. india china were trading partners of maharlika hundreds of years before the spanish arrives… even the Yuan Dynasty of kublai khan of china was aware about a kingdom called maharlika and they respected the kingdom not because of tradings but because its a wealthy and freindly peaceful kingdom..

  8. Mexicans are black so I guess you do have Mexican

  9. The Central African DNA you have, You might have Brazilian mixed ancestry probably from one of your great grandparents. Brazil is a multi-ethnic nation with Blacks, Whites, Red, Yellow, and Brown. The Central African part might be Afro-Brazilian immigrated to the Philippines. The total population of Brazilians in the Philippines is 10,708, In year 2000.

  10. You look like a typical filipino just like me. Spanish heritage filipino exist but not in you.

  11. WOW the 1% African part really shows up in you. Well usually African and Asian genes are pretty dominant.

  12. so pretty.. Magayon!

  13. SuckerKiss says:

    Aye shah… Polly ne shah…. haha cute

  14. jj S says:

    You Filipinos are the most pathetic race on Earth you always begging to be white you always want to be with white men I'm white and Proud and I see you Asian Filipinos trying to act white and claim to be Spanish trust me if you went to Spain they were never close your Spanish you look like a nigro with black wide nose and features

  15. There is a researched that our ancestors are Hebrews. That's why you have some part of middle eastern and black.

  16. ben vad says:

    Filipinos don't seem to understand that the Spaniards administered and rules their land an gave them Spaniard cultural heritage with religion and somewhat of a language transfer.

  17. n thats what mexican mix with thats y they say that mexican is not a race

  18. Have your ever heard of the Srivijayan and Majapahit empires? Maybe that's where your South Asian DNA test results come from.

  19. Methamor says:


  20. All the Filipinos I’ve met claim that their grandpa was from Spain. Of course that’s not true.

  21. I heard many Filipinos have committed suicide after doing a Ancestry DNA test that shows 0% Spanish DNA.

  22. For those of you saying that Polynesians are originally from Taiwan, your dumb as fuck. Taiwan is considered a part of the Asian gene pool, its native share the same ancestry as the Filipino and Indonesian tribes. Polynesians have their own unique genes, just look how the genes are separated. Polynesians who take the dna comeback as just Polynesian, with NO ASIAN or MELANESIAN admixture. People like to think the Polyneaians culture dates back only 2200 years ago, when clearly our oral history goes far back, we know our history and our genealogy…do you!?

  23. The typical Filipino is more than half east/southeast Asian. The rest is usually Polynesian (who are genetically close to east/sotheast Asians anyway). So yea, Filipinos are more or less Asian.

  24. I’ve always identified myself as Filipino of East Asian and Polynesian decent and the East Asian part is what makes me light/pale skinned. I did a 23andme dna test and to my surprise, apparently I’m 15% British/Irish/Northwestern European and 5%Iberian/Spanish, the rest is Southeast Asian with 0%East Asian or Polynesian blood. I’ve been proud of being the wrong thing for so many years LOLOL ??x??x??

  25. The one percent could be of the fillapinos that settled in cape Town they were exiled same went back home after the war Google "the manillas of kalk Bay". Lots of people found family here as well as back in the Philippines.

  26. They made an error on that test

  27. R0l3!n says:

    Too bad because now they can sell your info to anyone and whenever they want.

  28. I think all Filipinos have some degree of South Asian ancestry knowing that over 1,000 years ago our Filipino ancestors were Hindu, Buddhists, and Animists.

  29. mamoahina says:

    Your results are expected for Filipinos who test at Ancestry where they show up about 32% Polynesia, the rest Asia East. If you transfer your raw data over to MyHeritage where they have a Filipino/Indonesian/Malaysian category, you will find that it will be 100% in that category.

    I spoke to Ancestry 3 weeks ago about this recurring problem about how those of Southeast Asian background will get some Polynesia as it is acting as a proxy for the lack of a Southeast Asian category of which Polynesians are about 70% SEA background.


  31. NG ! says:

    You're pure Filipino.

  32. Zsaisa C says:

    You look very typical Filipino

  33. A lot of Filipinos, especially those Filipino immigrants should take this test. So that the illusion of having part spanish will soon evaporate from the consciousness and mentality of Filipinos. WE ARE SOUTH-EAST ASIAN..NO SINGLE DROP OF SPANIAH OR IBERIAN BLOOD. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG ABOUT THAT. BE PROUD OF OUR RACE, INSTEAD OF BEING ASHAMED.THIS IS ONE OF THE REASON WHY OTHER RACES LAUGH AT US… FILIPINOS ARE BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT THE IBERIAN, AMERICAN, CHINESE BLOOD…

  34. Oink Oink. Guess you have some pig genes, missy.

  35. Moey D says:

    You r a very sexy woman

  36. good vibes says:

    No such thing as Canadian or American either……

  37. good vibes says:

    Mexican is a mix of European and native american….. surprising that you are 1 percent black african..

  38. n.aik31 says:

    4% south asia?
    hey sister!

  39. B.Williams says:

    48 seconds ago (edited)
    Asia have the most diverse in culture,weather,economic and race in the world( I'm very happy my girlfriend of 10 yrs is from this continent too),It also the founder of 3 main religions Christianity,Islam and Judaism).. From North East Asia lies China,Japan,Korea and part of Mongolia( All belong to the Yellow race).To the south are Indonesia,Malaysia,Brunei,Philippines (belongs to the Brown race).Central and South Asian countries like Afghanistan,India,Pakistan, and some of the former Soviet Republic countries are considered Caucasoid race.To the West are half of Turkey, Iran,Iraq,Saudi Arabia,U.A.E.,Quatar,Bahrain,Israel,Lebanon,Jordan and many more in the middle eastern countries (that belongs to Western Asian continent) are also of Caucasoid stock

  40. Mexican is a nationality not a race or look. You look nothing like the white, middle eastern, mestizo, mulatto, or black people of Mexico. You can pass as Native/Mayan though.

  41. Cool Kek says:

    Native Americans look a lot like Filipinos

  42. Johny Boy says:

    i dont believe this crap..every filipino will say they have spanish ancestry which is exagerating

  43. Erika Liao says:

    You don't look like Mexican.

  44. good morning AiLoveBeauty..Is your husband a jealous guy or he's cool.. Anyway, I like your pretty face( there's nothing wrong with that right? Hopefullly he won't get mad at me)

  45. SN AM says:

    yaaaasssss bicolana

  46. rerolledDK says:

    AncestryDNA's ethnicity calculator produces garbage results for Asians. It tells Asians that they are part Polynesian when it is actually the other way around. Polynesians are part Asian. It's like using White Americans as a sample population and then telling British people that they are part White American.

    You would have been much better off taking a test from 23andme. But since you have already taken the AncestryDNA test, you can upload your genetic data to free services such as Gedmatch, DNA.land, MyHeritage, or Wegene. Any of those will give you more useful results than AncestryDNA.

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