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Ancestry DNA Results – Gullah

Ancestry DNA Results – Gullah

Here are my Ancestry DNA Results. I have part Gullah heritage.


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  1. Leon D says:

    Hi Tyra. Thanks so much for sharing this.You are fabulous on video – a real charismatic presence. I Worked with an African-American from S Carolina (a U Mich MBA) who also had Gullah roots – apparently a core group were isolated on an island from mainland & adapted/evolved own form of English based on African languages. Language can tell almost as much about roots as DNA. He had many relatives still speaking Gullah. If you haven't seen this BBC series "The Story of English" – the 5th episode is Black on White & discusses a lot about Gullah both origins in West Africa & off coast of S Carolina. There is so much to be angry, sad and hateful about black slavery. I'm a teacher & love history especially linguistic & cultural. America & the whole world has been enriched by the African influence on English. If interested, I can link you to some great University lectures on YouTube about Culture, human migrations & DNA. I find them fascinating & your energy & intellectual curiosity makes me think you might also. (This is all free except for the time).

  2. Did you ever get a AncestryDNA migration story

  3. How did you know that you would get majority Ivory Coast Ghana?

  4. Thank you for sharing your results. Three of four of my grandparents were Gullah, from the Lowcountry. My estimate is 95%, also. I shared a video which includes the results from African Ancestry.

  5. Oonah deh Gullah imma Geechee 87% West African…gladdi gladdi fuh hunnuh deh kumbak e ponch!

  6. I am proud of my Gullah heritage.

  7. I know this video is old but, I had to comment. Thank you for sharing your DNA results as a Gullah. You are right. I haven't found any Gullah DNA results beside yours. Gullah/Geechee are special people in North America and most of the times they are over looked in Black History. They shouldn't be because you all are the only ones who kept some of the language and culture. I'm so glad you shared this!

  8. You are bless, 95% African. If you want to know the specific African tribe that you descend from, you should take the African Ancestry.com DNA test.

  9. Great results in also a descendant of the Gullah and Sea Island Indians Cusabo and Yamassee my people are from Edisto Island, St. Helena Island areas of South Carolina my results were
    90% African
    24% African Southeastern Bantu
    22% Nigerian
    17% Benin/Togo
    10% Ivory Coast/Ghana
    7% Senegal
    6% Cameroon
    trace region below
    Mali 3%
    <1% African south hunters

    2% Native American
    (Not a trace region)

    remaining 8% all trace region
    5% European
    3% West Asian

    a lot if people ask why we sound weird..our language our way of life is unique…our language mixed with Sea island Indians Cusabo were not connected to any other north American Native tribe.
    we are closely connected to the Taino and Arawak of the Caribbean

  10. Lisa Sweet says:

    95% yey!! You never see mix blacks or light skin blacks with 85-100% Black African. Africa has been invaded and colonized given you those lighter/whiter skin Africans.

  11. My dad is Geechie…Abbeville S.C. I can't wait to get my testing done because I've been told I look Ghanaian a time or two before ?

  12. wow your predilection was pretty accurate!

  13. E Mack says:

    So much African ancestry is beautiful!

  14. Kudos, I'm from Charlotte, NC. Carolinas are the best Southern States (imo)

  15. Andre P says:

    Gullah! My great grandfather was also Gullah. My kits arrive soon. They were on sale… so I bought 4, haha. The Gullah are usually the most concentrated Africans in the US because of the low european population ratio. I'm excited!

  16. Wow you got a good guess on it! Gullah culture seems very fascinating, and its great that there's still communities of African-Americans that have still held strongly to their ancestral roots.

  17. Axelle S says:

    95% African. I'm so surprised ! I would never imagine that a black American could that much African lol . I feel so ignorant right now lmao

  18. Thanks for sharing your results & Knowledge, watched your Gedmatch results video too ,wow & 100% cute & elegant ,lol Jil

  19. Black Americans with East Asian or Pacific Island ancestry should know that percentage is more than likely Native American due to the fact that so many tribes were wiped out centuries ago, so of course there would be no samples of their DNA available, so it will show up as Asian because that will be the closest match, another tragic fact from our history.

  20. HEY! I was told by my uncle we maybe Gullah too! And I have family from N.C., maybe we're cousins! Lol. Thanks for sharing. I have yet to do one of these and I want to. I'll be sure to share when I do. 🙂

  21. Do dnaland free upload

  22. 95% is such a high #. How did you know you were gonna get that high?

  23. I am amazed as an African to come across African Americans with 95% Africa Ancestry. It's all very exciting. I'm definitely going to have to come for a visit to North and South Carolina.

  24. Your Aunt-Sisters my have came to America in the 1880 hundreds, because African Americans with Aunt-Sisters that came from Africa to America in the 1880 hundreds tend to have very high African DNA.

  25. how much of the younger generation speak the Gullah dialect?

  26. great video!! I would love to try Gullah/Geechee food

  27. You can also upload your raw dna to DNA Land for free.

  28. Yay another Ghanaian sister, I really enjoy watching these ancestry DNA. I am even more happy when I find out that Ivory Coast Ghana make up the majority of African DNA. I hope you visit Ghana one day my newly found sister.

  29. Shout out to all my Gullah Geechie People! Charleston SC

  30. A Willis says:

    Nice pretty featuresb& eyes.

  31. Cool! Wonder what my ancestry is.

  32. Lovely young woman. Congrats. Did mine and am searching for other sites to upload to for free.

  33. DNA.land there like a better gedmatch

  34. Tyra Vlogs says:

    Hey guys please subscribe to see more videos to come!

  35. Gullahs tend to have high African percentages because white slave masters only came in the winter due to fear of malaria.

  36. You look Ghanian to me…..?

  37. Congratulations for you results. Like some people say in the Ivory Coast/Ghana category you could possibly include Sierra Leone or Liberia ancestry because the website didn't take account of all the West African countries. African southeastern bantu means Angola/Congo roots.

  38. I just loved your video and 95% Sub Saharan with 5% other regions is fantastic! A lot of us, myself included, are starting with ancestry videos and branching out from there. I congratulate you!

  39. LCMsh says:

    Very interesting results. I made a video of how to upload your raw DNA file from Ancestry to Gedmatch if you are interested in the future because I see you you said you uploaded to DNAland already.

  40. Ashley Lee says:

    great results! I love the gullah heritage how would I know if I am gullah? is it as ivory coast ghana?

  41. Wonderful Video! I was told my grandmother had Gullah roots as well. I can trace our family going back over 130 years in South Carolina so far. I can't wait to get my results!

  42. lhenle55 says:

    Congratulations Tyra, your 1st video is a hit! And you seem like a very bright, tenacious and inquisitive kindred spirit. I'd really like to see more. Maybe do a "10 things about me" tag. You could take us on your jorney of learning about these various parts of you…trying different foods, milestones in your family tree. I'd like to know how to do that. I'm just beginning my quest.

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