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Ancestry DNA Results/Mongolian & Native American

Ancestry DNA Results/Mongolian & Native American

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Ancestry DNA results.
Ancestry DNA results 2016. Ancestry.com , GEDmatch.com , This is my ancestry.com and gedmatch.com results. Shocking Ancestry DNA Results. Asian DNA results. Asian ancestry DNA results. Mongolian ancestry dna.

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49 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results/Mongolian & Native American

  1. DINDRAGON says:

    "DNA Results/Mongolian & Native American"
    That probably doesn't mean you must have both of these. Might just well mean indistinct sudadont ancestry. Wish you that you don't have turk in the mix.

  2. Wolf Lee says:

    can see the Mongolian DNA from your face

  3. Your basically North-East Asian.

  4. Peace Love Care Compassion. Just like the veins of a body. The meridians. The Chakras. The flow of Chi. The flow of blood. My brothers and sisters, Love you All. It takes one Man to go North, then East, then West and shake it all around. Then back South, then………..again. We become all connected. If only they gave that Man a GPS device then the world might be a less diverse place. But two trains of thought have to take place. One is expansion from an Origin like a flower opening. And two is an adventurous person travelled and connected the dots like an ant( that climbs up and down the plant, flower, you, him, her, them, us) that doesn’t seem to know where he is going. The ant just keeps going touching everything with his feet or her beauty…….

  5. Kai Begay says:

    I'm Navajo, a Native American tribe in Southwestern United States. The comment below me is accurate.

  6. Sara m says:

    Native american may come up because asia and native americans are genetic cousins…native americans came from siberia/asia..and migrated to the americas long long ago

  7. Glade Jesus sent me to your channel, did you know that Native Americans and Asians are Mongolians I.e., of the same underlying race. I have a good bit of Native American in me my mothers father was nearly full blooded Cheroke and my fathers mother was about 85 percent Apachee and Blackfoot. I just think its cool we both are Mongolians of the same race by definition.

  8. I would just like to say that not all “whites”(just a label not a race or ethnicity) Are not bad racist people. In fact I’ve always been taught and taught the complete opposite to my children.My ancestry nose and shows that my ancestors went through a great deal of rape and pillage and slavery as well. But that has nothing to do with you or anyone else today. Everyone in these comments needs to stop making this about race. It’s not about race it’s just about finding out where you come from. Because when it boils down to it we are all just mutts. And someone had mentioned some lineage is dying out over time and this is correct. It’s just like selective breeding except the selective breeding was selective through debauchery or rape or in some instances neither. Hell they were happily coupled white and black races during the slave trade in America. But of course these days everyone is so ignorant and stuck on them self that they always take it back to skin color or the way someone looks. Anyway everyone is right you are very beautiful so it doesn’t matter what race or heritage you have just keep being a good person because people who aren’t close minded like you and I or others up here don’t really care to war over what happened when we weren’t here. We are just trying to educate our selves. But most of us probably have something in us that is “shocking”

  9. Thanks! Ih sonirholtoi medeelel boljee.

  10. The Volga is a river in Russia and the Urals are mountains, again, in Russia.

  11. 즐겨 says:

    for me, you look like a central asian or mongolian.

  12. Sayori R says:

    You’re so beautiful ? you remind me of that Mongolian girl kokachin? From Marco Polo idk why

  13. Are you single and free just wondering , day dreaming.

  14. Very interesting!! I got 35% Mongolian

  15. ICEYPRISON says:

    is your fingernail native american? did your great grandfather fart over here? wtf is that

  16. DNA is only a blood group many brother's and sisters have different DNA you can believe ancestors by blood only.

  17. You look Mongolian means You look Korean beautiful.

  18. Were you born with a blue spot? Just curious..

  19. nohi says:

    And it is not so shocking discover.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_Q-M242. And you have the same religion as well.Shamanism.

  20. I think you are more Italian with all the hand gestures. No! It’s karate chops!

  21. If you have blood from Mongolia and Siberia you have the same blood as Native Canadians like Eskimo ,Inuit ,Tlingit tribes

  22. Well my mom parents are descendants of Mongolia that was the first native Americans come from and second Alaska is there home now my grandma Chinese monglian my grandmother Chinese monglian Korean Japanese and Chinese Chinese my grandmother people came around China my dad side part Chinese from native Hawaiian 2 native Americans came from Asia

  23. Wow, you're a direct descendant of CHINGUS.

  24. "Volga-Ural",is the gateway to Siberia. Central Asia is Kazahkstan/Uzbekistan-all the "Stan" countries…

  25. Man understand this Natives and all folks from Mongolia to Kazachstan to Tatar people all Turkic people.
    Thats no propaganda it is the true. Even Sibirian Indians are from Turks Roots.

  26. Mick W says:

    I should get a test done if they say I am Jewish I will gas myself!

  27. Upper bc Canada, I'm full on native I get sometimes mistaken of a culture way over there, few yrs back used to smoke weed so maybe that made it really look like ahha.

  28. At the first look, you look like, Kazakhstan, siberian, North siberia

  29. jack chan says:

    she looks plain asian to me

  30. Tria Yang says:

    You are asain…remember one thing..Asains never die.no matter what you do..admit it..it's in our blood..I know you weren't born with blonde hair and blue eyes..

  31. do you know actually buryat [mongolian tribe] 's DNA same prehistorical japanese

  32. I always got surprised by how Mongolians and Koreans look similar.

  33. We are mixed. Each of us have mixed blood. U aint really black or real asian or real Mexican. We were all "people" of this earth. ..so dam all these comments piss me off…I just wanna say E.L.E!!! Everyone love Everyone!!

  34. Tony G says:

    Basically 81% of the ancient Steppe tribe peoples. Great history. I think the first peoples to tame and ride wild horses.

  35. SeT IcoN says:

    My dna says im 100% allien

  36. Tia T says:

    You have that Mongolian look. This test sounds accurate.

  37. Just wanna smell and eat her lil Asian boxx 🙂

  38. Jennie S says:

    Mongolian?kkk I’m Mongolian

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