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Ancestry DNA Results (Native American, Mexican, Spanish)

Ancestry DNA Results (Native American, Mexican, Spanish)

Sharing our ancestry DNA Results and I do recommend this.


21 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results (Native American, Mexican, Spanish)

  1. Wil liam says:

    Cool results! The Usual "Hispanic" in Western Hemisphere. You can get WAY more detailed Regions/Tribes if you upload your Raw Dna to gedmatch.com , dna.land , 24genetics and/or geneplaza.com

  2. J. Josue says:

    nice results, by the way Iberia is Spain and Portugal, not Spain and France. Nevertheless, some Mexicans probably have a small amount of French ancestry.

  3. Good video. I love to hear about that high percentage of Native. Unfortunately for myself results are only 36 % (wish it was more) and 30% Hispanic….
    Iberian Peninsula is Spain and Portugal not France ; Hispanic=Spain (only)

  4. Midnight says:

    Hey, why is it that people don't know that France is a part of the Iberian Peninsula?

  5. 730 Mŷ says:

    Native Americans are descendants of Siberians who migrated from Siberia to the Americas via Alaska thousands of years ago. ??????????

  6. Europe East
    Iberian Peninsula
    Native American
    Europe West
    Europe South
    Great Britain
    European Jewish
    Middle East
    < 1%

  7. Iberian Peninsula consists of Spain and Portugal actually

  8. Midnight says:

    Hey, it's wegene time! Upload your raw data to wegene and see where your Native comes from and other things.

  9. UPDATE: so I mentioned I was going to contact some of the people the DNA
    test linked my mother to…. WE FOUND cousins who were adopted out, and
    no one knew what happened to them, on the family tree they were marked
    as 2 boys unknown… WELL, now we found them and they have names and
    one has a daughter.. (that is whom I ended up contacting) so this test
    is so worth it, do it!! *forgot my acct info to this..

  10. So what are you ? Is your fam mexican but they are igrnnant and just sided with there native part or what lmao haha or were you brought native ? Is your fam mex or native If you did not know mexicans are not natives. even though mexicans have native in them they have more white in them statistics prove and I could go on and on and give good points and sources and draft you if you against or oppose but I'm tired of typing so much and correcting ignorant people so much

  11. Iberian peninsula is Spain and Portugal, not France

  12. Adrian says:

    did you ever do a test for you?

  13. Juan Cena says:

    Your results are very common in some parts of Mexico, I think northern Mexico has more European than indigenous, I'm literally close to 75 percent indigenous, most of my family comes from the rural parts of Puebla.

  14. Sapa Inti says:

    great video. that is a lot of native ancestry. my grandpa is mestizo Ecuadorian and his results came back as 42% native american. I got him it as a gift for Christmas lol

  15. European jewish is not the same as eastern Europe because European jews are part khaasars which is a Eurasian race / empire long ago that then emigrated to Poland eukrane etc. because of another country attacking/invading them and they just fled their whole nation/empire to Poland etc where they presently are. their origins are actually a little more east and south where South Eastern Russia is btw the khaasars were the richest empire at their time even more rich than the roman empire who lived alongside them just an interesting fact for you

  16. cool video have you done a family tree also and taken your own test yet I heard it was your mother's test and I know you get have your dna from her

  17. mofresh87 says:

    Thanks for the video, I believe you have the highest Native American I came across in youtube

  18. F Leon says:

    awesomeness 🙂 great results congratulations to your mom

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