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Ancestry DNA Results – North Africa (Algeria)

Ancestry DNA Results – North Africa (Algeria)

Hello there, I’m Manel, I was born and raised in Algiers (Alger) in northern Algeria, but my family comes from different parts of the country.
My mother’s family is from Cherchell, a coastal city on the mediterranean shore (both her parents are from there). As for my dad, his father is from Tiaret (south east algeria) . We only speak arabic, no member of my family speaks amazigh.

My results on Ancestry DNA:
36% North African (Berber or Amazigh)
27% Middle Eastern
19% Iberian
11% Sub Saharan African
4% Italy/Greece
2% European Jewish
1% Melanesian

DNA Land Results:
51% North African
4.5% East African
14% Arab/egyptian
11% Southwestern European
1.6% Sardinian
11% Ashkenazi/Levantine: 9.9 Mediterranean Islander (?) and 1.2% Ashkenazi
3% South/central European
1.1% Native Oceanian

I did the test with Ancestry Dna: https://www.ancestry.ca/dna/?geo_a=r&geo_s=us&geo_t=ca&geo_v=2.0.0&o_iid=64405&o_lid=64405&o_sch=Web+Property

I don’t live in Algeria so I don’t know if the test can be done there.

Thanks for watching!

New videos about my travels are coming 🙂 stay tuned!

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39 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results – North Africa (Algeria)

  1. Manel O. says:

    After uploading my Ancestry DNA results into MyHeritage calculator, I came out as:
    76.2% North African
    3.9% Kenya
    14.7% Iberian
    7.5% Italian
    1.6% Ashkenazi
    It seems that most north africans (algerians, moroccans and tunisians) are getting these kind of results.

    Link to MyHeritage DNA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcxLrIL4eKs&t=2s

  2. I m Algerian, and I d say you are looking like Berber (kabyle)

  3. And 100% stunningly beautiful .

  4. wow! 1% melanesian and native oceanian !? it's unexcepted, you have east oceanian ancestory while you're algerian, that's just cool.

  5. from where you get the test im from Tunisia and i can't get any where?

  6. whycuds says:

    Interesting! You're a lovely lady. Thanks for sharing.

  7. most important thing… shes smart, pretty, healthy

  8. she looks berber… north african not arab at all

  9. Lady Rim says:

    I'M moroccan same rusult why we have italian blood?

  10. In your pinned comment, you listed north Africans as Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians. You know that Libya is in north Africa as well?

  11. Algeria poeple mixer between Africa and middle East as well some of them European partucaly South European

  12. I got 19% North African and I’m half Sudanese Arab and half Egyptian Sa’aidi !

  13. Amirouch says:

    87% north African ?

  14. That was a nice video thanks for sharing.

  15. TER 0 says:

    but YOu're n ot Black

  16. Such a beautiful soft spoken woman, thanks

  17. tiluriso says:

    I wonder if all these 'European Jewish' results in many Maghrebis are not from the absorption of Sephardic Jews, since like Ashkenazim, despite the fact that Jewish communities have their origins in the Middle East, all mixed to various extents with their host populations.

  18. you are from all the world hahahaha mixed race

  19. ay taf says:

    all hail Amazigh !

  20. لازمك تاكلي البرقوق راكي شينتي

  21. Jesus fuckin Christ you're gorgeous ??

  22. Jam Jamo says:

    thanks for the video Manel ?. . I really enjoyed it , I'm also Algerian , I can't wait to do the test as well and make a video of my results .. ciao ?

  23. Hilushenka says:

    Interesting heritage …! Fascinating…I have to do the test too…

  24. i'm surprise no Asian indicated ..you look a bit Asian to my eyes …you're beautiful …i'd be your slave.

  25. My dad took a DNA test as well. He got similar results to the one you posted in the comments, but he's over 90% North African Berber. Which means I'm over 40% Berber ? Be proud of who you are, everyone! ?

  26. MrBibo2050 says:

    The common factor between the Arab World (this includes Algeria/Morocco/Tunisia) is Islam. Plain and simple. Also, believe it or not, the Arab gene has spread across the Arab World that it has left a mark in just about every household in North Africa. Also, the Arabs in the Arabian peninsula have also got seriously mixed especially on their mother's side. So in conclusion, I am sorry fellow berbers but there is some Arab flowing in your blood and there is nothing you can do to undo it. And it is a bigger portion than you think. Enough to identify as both Berber and Arab. This is from a purely racial point of view. From a culturual point of view I think it is evident why many North Africans identify as Arab. They are some of the biggest contributors to the Arab literature, and that is because they feel they are part of the Arab nation from a cultural belonging and not just racial despite it too existing. This didn't stop them from perserving their berber culture at the same time. There weren't competing. Only those looking for a conflict want to make it so. And in the end, Islam has united all.

  27. Hi this is my results ftdna , my heritage , gencove , dna land
    Algerian dna results


  28. Zeusz ⵥ says:

    mideastern does not mean Arabian. besides her y-haplogroup is amazigh.

  29. dodg1987 says:

    بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم :ياأيها الناس إنا خلقناكم من ذكر وأنثى وجعلناكم شعوبا وقبائل لتعارفوا إن أكرمكم عند الله أتقاكم إن الله عليم خبير

  30. I'm Jewish. You can choose what you want to choose. I will not tell you who you are or what you are. But I suggest you search the Internet for "Bnei anusim "
    In South America you will find many people with the same dna as your own. Those Jews who came from Spain and Portugal. Who forced them to be Christians. And now they are looking for their true identity

  31. mina dayli says:

    The majority of North Africa are Arabic

  32. Could you show the page with your mitochondria DNA haplogroup ?

  33. You are charismatic, must post more videos
    Extremely lovely, i enjoyed the video. I like to see more from ya

  34. I have a question? I’m African American from Louisiana and I just did my DNA test and found out I have 30.9 percent Nigerian, 14.8 Sierra, Leone , 6.9 traces regions running through Senegal Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia. Then 43. Percent European. But the shocking part was that I had one isolate from East Africa 4.5 Maasai in Kenya.How in the world did that happen? Are you aware of any historic events could have happened? Possibly the port of Zanzibar and slave trade?

  35. For, lo, I will command, and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth.

    Amos 9:9 KJV


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