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Ancestry DNA results (Tunisian – North Africa)

Ancestry DNA results (Tunisian – North Africa)

I took this test to see my ethnic background, as Tunisia is very diverse.
Result: 36% Middle East; 33% Europe (19% Iberian, 13% Italian/ Greek, 1% Jew); 31% African (24% North Africa, 6% Senegal, 1% Bantu)

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35 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA results (Tunisian – North Africa)

  1. I too thought that most of my blood line would be either "Middle Eastern/Arab". I was surprised at having Iberian Peninsula (10%), Sub-Saharan Africa (16%}, SW Asia & Middle East (19%), South Europe/Italy & Greece (21%), and of course North Africa (34%}. There was even a sprinkle of Afghanistan in the SW Asia pool. This proves that regardless what culture one associates with or is brought up in, our genetic backgrounds are more diverse than what we think.

  2. There is no fucking Jewish DNA Jewish people are from the middle east as you mentioned, its clear that they dominate the DNA laboratories in order to lead people to think Jewish ancestry is dominated dont let them fool you and i dont think these Tests are accurate nothing is right if a jew touch it

    you are beautiful you have amazigh beauty mixed with European Mediterranean touch
    Greetings from Algeria !!

  3. Beautiful result, yes 🙂

  4. Mucho secreto no tiene; bereberes ancestrales… invasiones romana y árabe. Arabización… esclavos negros (hay mucha mezcla evidente en el islam árabe y norte-africano), moriscos provenientes de España… etc. Previsible.

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  6. الحمض النووي اصعب بالنسبة للنساء
    لان الاناث يحملون XX الذكور YX

  7. Multicultural was implemented by colonisers many years ago that's just facts..

  8. Geesus christ European and Arab invaders not wonder Africans get fuck all the times. Western European almost sandwich black sub saharan. Europeans all over the maghreb and South Africa. Think god we reproducing faster

  9. fEF efgeg says:

    there's no sens to women to make DNA test, their DNA is not representative of their roots, basically on every war they get raiped, sold ect. mouved from one family to other, their child marring the cousin of the new family. only men DNA make sens

  10. Iberian in Tunisia have an explanation.  Iberians were mercenary soldiers of Annibal and the Carthago Army, Iberians were Know in ancient times like the best soldiers of Mediterranean. And could be posible too during XVI Century when Spain Expelled moriscos old Iberians converted to Islam, Many arrived to Morroco, Tunisia and Algeria.

  11. Appart from being beautiful I think her beaty reminds me of somekind of mix between lebanese Palestinian and persian, more western Asia(bilad al shami)and Persia, Irak.

  12. tiluriso says:

    North African Women are one of a kind beauty – Amazing Amazigh Beauty!

  13. El Matador says:

    Near East is the Levant which makes up Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. Caucasus is the area stretching from Turkey to Armenia and includes countries like Azerbaijan and Georgia. The DNA from the Caucasus is found in Middle Easterners, so that’s probably where that came from as ancient migrations happened.

    You seem to be largely North African Arab in DNA (many Middle Easterners settled North Africa long ago) that is mixed with European (lots of Iberian mixed Muslims arrived in North Africa when Spain expelled its Muslims in the Middle Ages) and North African (which is a given, you are from North Africa) mainly.

  14. I've got a european mother who is 0% african and i am still more african than you….WTF

  15. How could it be more than 100%, it's a very trivial math concept

  16. sky luna says:

    Senegal is right under morroco and has similar culture so i wouldn't be surprised

  17. I need to move to n Africa asap

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  19. Hi this is my results ftdna , my heritage , gencove , dna land


  20. Hello,again ,I got my results .You asked for European Jew ,thats the Skenazhi,I got 96%European and4%North African-Middle Eastern

  21. Basically, you need to understand the DNA. It's not what you think it is. If you're born in China and you and your sons and grandchildren and so on. DNA changes. But never erases the previous DNA. Only in percentages.This is how your DNA is measured..

  22. No offense, but there are a LOT of thirsty dudes on here ….just because someone is attractive, doesn't mean you have to make that some focal point in addressing someone.

  23. sonnymak says:

    People are confused with what the terms caucasian means it means people from the caucasus mountains. The Chenchens, ossetians Geogians Circassians etc. A little bit of history. The Mamluks Sultans that ruled Egypt and sometimes Tunisia were a military ruling caste. Their members both women and men were recruited largely from the caucasus mountains for centuries. Plus Tunisian were also ruled by Greeks Phoenicians Romans. Morisco refugees from Spain and Portugal were thrown in the mix . The Sahara is a sand sea that brought trade in both goods and people sub – saharan Africa..

  24. Reem Moha says:

    I was not surprised that you are middle eastern more than north African. Cause you quietly look like arabs

  25. In Tunisia Berbers are 2% only

  26. Tunisians are arabs

  27. Sephardic Jewry is Hebrew and Ashkenazi Jewry are non Hebrew.

  28. North African Phoenician

  29. Your results show that you are not an Inbred and have good diversity in you! Be proud of that you ancestor were from everywhere!

  30. Adam Sahr says:

    Hello. Are you any clearer about your Near East and Caucasus components from Gedmatch?

  31. does this 7% sub saharan african make you black?

  32. Hello! Thanks for the video. I also Tunisian and I would like to know how can I do an ancestry DNA test?

  33. Imti H.
    European Jews are different from Midle eastern Jews. The name is synonimous to Ashkenatzi Jews or more historically acurate Khazar Jews. Basically In the 10th century the Pagan Khazar kingdom that occupied a wide land in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Czecho-Slovakia ect) converted to Judaism or historians estimate about the third of their population converted to Judaism folowing their Kings, the other 2 thirds were either Muslims or Orthodox Christians. Then with the rise of the Bolshovic Russian Empire they fled to Germany, Poland. They are ethnically purely Caucasian East Europeans although they have mixed since then with Midle eastern Jews. So basically in the DNA test it should say Caucasian East European instead of Jewish European. It says so because of the opcession of the Israelis to prove their Midle Eastern Origins and connection to the land of Palestine, the Jewish DNA has been so far the most extensively studied gene pool. So the study distinguished two main gene pools. Saphardic Jews (The true midle eastern Jews) and Ashkenatzi Jews (The fake Jews basically). The refusal to aknowledge they are not midle eastern and politically motivated they labeled it as European Jews instead of it's true scientific and historic label which is Caucasian East European. Nothing to do with the midle east or original Jews. 96% of Israeli Jews are from that gene pool. So you can see the geopolitical implications if they named it for what it is. Unfortunately even science is not immune to racial and political biases.

  34. wow let me tell you this.. you are really beautiful! veramente belissima!

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