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Ancestry DNA Results ||  Where We’re From?

Ancestry DNA Results || Where We’re From?

We read where our ancestors are from.


28 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results || Where We’re From?

  1. sonrisa16 says:

    Caucasus= West Asia but not Middle East

  2. klinci izgleda da bas zelite da budete iz severne evrope?

  3. Soli A says:

    Lol Caucuses isnt Middle east. There are Caucasians also live in Middle east like European that also live in Middle east

  4. Caucauses is not the middle east…It is Europe, like Georgia…European culture, armenia…and so on. Being european is very exotic, we have the richest culture along with Asians (West, East, South and North asians). I hate it when people say being European is "boring" or not exotic, ignorance.

  5. Lol what is even considered ‘exotic’ anyway? You look russian or ukrainian to me.

  6. На вид типичные славяне, почти вся Россия из таких

  7. Lmao we call them cygany too in Polish!

  8. You look Asian…Not serbian at all. :/

  9. You're both so gorgeous! Nisam znala da ste srbi ali sam odmah pomislila da ste definitivno slaveni. Pozdrav iz Australije 🙂

  10. You're so ignorant about genetics… Let me explain how it works:
    We each get a random 50% of our parents' DNA. Therefore siblings with the same parents can have completely different genetic material.
    If my father is 50% Russian and 50% Native American, and my mother is 50% Italian and 50% Nigerian, I can be half Russian and half Nigerian and my brother can be half Italian and half Native American. We'd have completely different ancestry results and completely different DNA. That's how it works. Your brother's results might be very similar or wildly different than yours.

  11. Jigpikchu says:

    Finally! ive been looking through so many of these dna tests to find people who are also eastern European.

  12. Anja D. says:

    I find it interesting that certain countries, like Austria (for example) are categorised as "East Europe". xD I get that they didn't put Central Europe as a category (so they had to divide East and West somewhere), but I'd imagine Austrians being very similar to Germans, so it would make more sense to me to put them into "West Europe".
    Anyways, don't be disappointed that you're not more "exotic" (as you put it), Europe is a pretty diverse continent, and the regions you're from are all different and diverse. 🙂

  13. brama says:

    This boy is adorable!

  14. Feli xRex says:

    difficult last name to pull off if it's really your name

  15. before you reveal I guess Eastern Europe, Italy Greece, Central Europe, maybe some traces of west europe and middle east

  16. ImNotOk says:

    caucusus is white people from outside of the european continent so basically armenians georgians and western turks

  17. Pure ethnic Serbs don't have any mongoloid, african and other subhuman influence.

  18. Deha Ay says:

    Before I started the video The guy next to you look like from the area of Balkans; Turkey Greece Albania Italy

  19. thehunt098 says:

    Very interesting to hear from some Eastern Europeans and their histories + perspectives.

  20. your beautiful people. nice skin. nice features.

  21. Vincent says:

    serbs are famous for creating propaganda

  22. So… you're both 100% human? Congrats!

  23. GL2501 says:

    siblings aren't identical unless they are identical twins so your dna results will be different

  24. You should check the man's DNA he'll carry the Y chromosome

  25. Jako ste lepi oboje!! :))

  26. Gary Baker says:

    "inbred". God. you're white european! BE PROUD OF YOURSELF. YOU HAVE AN AMAZING HISTORY.

  27. J H says:

    I think both of you look kinda scandinavian. Especially your brother. Im from sweden and if i saw you here i would just assume you are swedish.

  28. Eastern European not exotic lol what is exotic eastern Europeans are generally physically strongest people what's better to be than eastern European

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