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Ancestry DNA Results

Ancestry DNA Results

This video is about Ancestry DNA Results, Gedmatch results, and Dna.land results.


8 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results

  1. Cool results and ShirtGoals. Check out my content .. I did the same kinda video

  2. P Htwr says:

    Did you upload to My heritage?

  3. Nice results. I am 75 % African 23% Euro and rest Native American. Wow, you remind me of Jordan Peele, just cuter. He is biracial-his mom is white.

  4. The first people to come to Jamaica were from the amazon they brought pineapples with them which is a symbol of Jamaica.

  5. Astrid _ says:

    Great Britain is England, Scotland and Wales.

  6. Just curious…why do you say that both of their parents are black when you are 71% black and the rest European. So, both or one of your parents are mixed race. Many people have one or two parents that are mixed.

  7. NHKN says:

    Thanks for the info. For an explanation about the Brazilian Native American ancestry check out the following books "Africans and Native Americans" by Jack D. Forbes; "The First Americans were Africans" by Dr. David Imhotep.

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