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Ancestry DNA test results & review!!

Hope you guys like this review and get an idea of what the test is about and the process 🙂

I’m currently writing a tumblr post with screen shots etc for more details.

OKAY! So the reason I said “Asian” and not “1% East Asian” or “1% South Asian” isn’t because I’m purposely grouping “Asian” into one box but because on my results it has made a mistake and when I open the main heading of ‘Asia’ which then has the sub headings ‘Central’, ‘South’ and ‘East’, it has allocated 1% to all of those three subheadings which makes no sense because on the main heading of ‘Asia’ it says 1% not 3%. Anyway, so until I hear back from support i’ve just left it as ‘Asian’ for the video’s sake. I’ll leave a note when I can correct this. BUT I did use the website GedMatch and got a VERY more detailed result…. 😉
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35 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA test results & review!!

  1. Cutie you look like have Russian DNA

  2. You look Finish,and a bit sami. Your asian could be sami.

  3. Australia is a British colony, first and foremost, and believe me when I say we idolise the Australians, they are family, you couldnt find a more honourable and loyal people on this planet……

  4. I feel like Australians have the most boring dna test ,they are just plain british, i feel they trying to copycat Americans, but for americans this test make sense cause unlike Australia your average white american is like 5 different european ethnicities combine so its fun to watch them finding out , and some have native or black to some degree, Australia stop trying to be America you are not even their accent is so different due to german immigration American English sounds the way it sounds

  5. Your eyes are very much people in Finland/Northwest Russia (Sankt Petersburg to Pskov) have. The fact that probably half of first "Swedish" settlers in Delaware were actually Finns (who lived in Värmland, Sweden before moving to US) is well known fact. Other choice for Finnish heritage coming from Michigan/Minnesota/Canada.

  6. U look Irish /Scandinavian with them blue eyes

  7. MrUniman69 says:

    You have dark hair, light skin and blue eyes, you're Irish. probably going back to the time from when the Vikings occupied Ireland.

  8. Maestro K says:

    I'm from Spain and i don't know why i have 26% finnish and central europe dna …. have 8% Irish too hehe… maybe because my grandmom was blond and blue eyes…. was a big suprise for me.

  9. you look like a woman and you sound like a woman too !


  11. Foreign chicks are better

  12. Well u do look like Finnish girl.
    I have also seen some people with that face or the hairstyle, idk, but yea.

  13. I have a genetic mix that. Is similar to yours. You're very beautiful though.

  14. Man,finnish genes are strong. You look very finnish even though youre only 7 procent.

  15. My goodness…..she is Gorgeous…!

  16. I can see the Finnish with the face structure and cheekbones.

  17. The native american dna probably comes from your Finnish side , native Siberians lived very close to Finland and their genetics are very related to native americans 🙂

  18. CA C says:

    Do not waste your money submitting a DNA test with Ancestry.com. They do not provide ANY details at all, just vague circles of geographic areas and want you to spend even more money for additional details. I am FURIOUS to have been dumb enough to spend 99 bucks. My half brother did 23andMe and got incredible results and details. He's related to Nepoleon.

  19. 5000Kone says:

    Finns have maybe higher percentage of population blue eyed than Russia, Estonia more than Finland because the blue eyed gene is not strong in whole Russian area or Finland. On the other hand seems like the most people in Russia do live that area where most of the population do have blue eyes. I would guess that the largest population of blue-eyed people is in Russia.

  20. Tz says:

    Very Finnish like face.

  21. Nice video! My results were:
    64% Great Britain
    16% Scandinavia
    5% Italy/Greece
    4% Iberian Peninsula
    3% Europe West
    3% Europe East
    2% Finland/Northwest Russia
    1% Irish
    <1% European Jewish
    <1% Caucuses
    My great grandmother, grandmother, grandfather, father, aunt, sister and I have a lot of green in our eyes. I heard that there are a lot of green eyed people in Scotland but I'm not sure where the green eyes came from! Lol

  22. Beauty was born in Russia! Russians are known for their beauty worldwide very pale blue grey eyes with their beautiful Sharp features ala angelina jolie yes everybody know that angelina got her beauty from her father John voight who is 100% eastern eauropean from Slovenia

  23. iva biggin says:

    You left out 85% ghost

  24. 91mezz says:

    I am also from Australia and am thinking about ordering this test from Ancestory.com. I had a few questions though:

    – How much did the shipping/postage and handling cost you?
    – Do you have to be a member to view your full results?

  25. fun fact: 60% of Finns have Asian Y-DNA N1c from distance East Asian/Siberian Ancestors even though they are one of the blondest whitest people on earth, and the fenno-Ugric language is a Asian language family spoken by numerous Asian Siberians tribes today. In fact some finns like "Onni Tommila" have very Asian features.
    I'm a Saami from northern Finland.

  26. flyboy2196 says:

    I actually am British and your more British than me lol. I came back as 71% Great Britain, 15% Ireland, 10 west Europe, 3% Eastern Europe, and 1% Scandinavia. According to ancestry the average native Brit would come back as 61% Great Britain so your very British!

  27. YangSing1 says:

    Great Britain refers to Anglo Saxon DNA, Ireland refers to Celtic so it also includes Scotland, Wales and Northern England

  28. I'm from Finland and i have blue eyes also. Maybe your eyes genes are from here 🙂

  29. Russian blue eyes if ever I have seen them. So common there.

  30. hot fella says:

    how i can take dna ethnicity test?? i wanna try it

  31. Cool very beautiful mix

  32. vanou sisi says:

    hi I just ordered .so let l know if it's useful.I would like to know if its gives all infos about ancestors

  33. You have Asian eye, but the different is you have light blue eye.
    And if someone jump to me say how silly if I say she have Asian eye, not all Asian have small eyes (Chinese, Japanese, Korean,etc..may have small eye. I'm not racist I mean in gene so don't mistake what I mean) many southeast Asian don't have small eye (yes, southeast Asian have small eye too, but we also have big eye as well. I'm not talk about Asian mix white, I mean native southeast Asian have wise range look)
    One of my elder sister have same type eye like you, but her eye is brown. I'm Vietnamese, southeast Asian.
    Btw, youre pretty girl! Your bunny teeth though, it's cute!

  34. Russian and finnish are a mixture of mongoloid, similar to the central asians who are admixture of causasians and mongoloid.

    You will notice it in their eyes

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