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9 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Update| I FOUND HER!!!

  1. Shlaybaby1 says:

    Yes I can relate… I am adopted. found my sister in my 30s..I didnt care to know before then because my people are the family i was raised by. My sister is amazing so far. So blessed 2 know her. I would like to use that site 2 see who my bio dad is.

  2. That cool I have a cousin I found I know we are related on my moms side but don't know who his mom or dad is.

  3. I actually cried when you told your story that is something else

  4. Bella Luna says:

    Get my inspector gadget on lol?

  5. dikbjdfh g says:

    my mom is a dna expert

  6. I wasn’t sure if that worked I’m gonna try it. And btw we need some more mukbang videos lol.

  7. Hi .. im from seudi …arab… ilike you so mutch

  8. Do another crab video please with your daughter

  9. is she going to try to get in contact with her mother and does her mother want to be in her life now that she knows she's been found and only an hour away

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