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Ancestry Online Trees:  Using Web Links

Ancestry Online Trees: Using Web Links

Every person in your family tree has a profile. On that profile, under the FACTS tab, you have a section called SOURCES. Have you ever noticed the option for Web Links there at the bottom of that column? Join Crista Cowan for a quick look at some of the ways you can use Web Links to enhance your research and your family history.


21 thoughts on “Ancestry Online Trees: Using Web Links

  1. KuyKendall is a BIG name in Houston, Texas, there's a major street (though it's always full of traffic). I just yelled at the computer… I KNOW THAT NAME! Although, I'm not realted. Anyway, back to the information. Pretty amazing. I like the link to a family history book idea.

  2. Christa I want to say Thank you for showing briefly how to add slaves to a tree. Is there an opportunity to go into this more? I am helping a descendant of one of our slaves that we owned. I must admit this is not an easy thing and I am trying hard not to be all over the place and make good decisions. One of the questions I have asked a few times is how do I add slaves to my family tree. Thanks for the video.

  3. I also copy a web link from my DNA matches (hints) or (circles) to document members of my tree that my DNA confirms. Then I place a DNA confirmed Icon as the person's picture. Is this a good use of web link?

  4. Awesome idea about linking slaves and slaveholders when biological connection is unknown (if there is one). Thanks!

  5. If you web link an obituary be sure to copy and paste the obituary as a story for your tree. The obituary doesn't always remain online.

  6. SandyQueue says:

    Great stuff – now I've just added another goal for this year. I bury web links in the source citations – but now I will expand and make better use of them on my ancestor pages. THANKS!!!

  7. ChristolJ says:

    Hey Crista, Another informative video. I saw a little symbol of the FamilySearch tree at the top of a profile page next to the search button. How did you get that? What does it do? Sitting on the edge of my chair, 🙂

  8. MamaDee says:

    Have you seen my results?

  9. S D Lind says:

    You used a series of underscores to denote an unknown last name. Is there a best way to denote that fact that aids in Ancestry searches for hints? I started using “Unknown” when I didn’t have a maiden name, but now I’m just leaving it blank.

  10. I love your videos. They are very informative and I have used a few of the techniques you have posted in the past. I have used the Web Link feature for my mirror trees. If I figure out how they connect to another match, I will put the URL into the Web Link section and also the name of the tree in the common ancestor profile. I also put a note in how they are related into the shared ancestor's time line section on the left. I have also used it for keeping track of high X matches from GedMatch to further investigate in the future. ( if I am able to find their tree on Ancestry from their profile name on GedMatch, I will copy and paste their URL into the Web Link section.) Keep up the great work and I will be looking forward to your future videos.

  11. Nancy A says:

    Thank you for this, I never noticed it before, and I had added online info under the comments. Now I can add it to the weblink. Love all your videos, they are so informative.

  12. Future topic idea. How to work and manage DNA matches. I know this would be a bit more difficult because of living people. But I haven't done much with my DNA matches because I just don't know how to go about organizing them .

  13. I live the the idea for Namesakes! I picked family names for my kids and it would be wonderful to show that linkage in a way. Though they are minors so how would that show up? I want to protect them for as long as I can, but it would be nice to be able to present the linkage.

  14. Chad Brown says:

    Very good video. Thanks

  15. Chad Brown says:

    If I download data to a gedcom file, will the web links be included?

  16. I keep getting repeated information of family members I already have in hints,why? I seem to not get my father's birth record because it does not existed for Pennsylvania. I paid 30.00 to get nothing! My father's father and his brothers which is my grandfather and my 2 uncle's were born in Sardis Burks Georgia. I am thinking my father was too. How can I get more information? I did use newspapers and Fold3 for information, so far nothing that is facts of his place of birth and get his birth certificate. He was born in 1935.

  17. Hello just started watching your videos since I do have a family tree that I started in 2015. I'm trying to get it all printed out and the Canvas feature on Ancestry is no good because you have to type each person's name on the left pane in order to have their information and picture to pop up. That is too slow and a tideduous way to do a family tree to be printed out. The feature should be much easier in when for instance if creating a poster of your tree there should be designs if types of pictures graphics like a template. When you want but made it should just populate right in with all the Family members and have choices of how many generations. I have to have a printed family tree ready before Saturday coming. I'm trying to figure it out now to get it done. Ancestry need to make that easier with my paid subscription not that Canvas service.

  18. I've used them to link to google maps locations for significant places like historical family homes, graveyards etc. I also use them to link to the Ancestry DNA profile of a person, and I've used them to link to my "poor man's" proof standards that I hold in Dropbox Paper. I turn my links into bitly links first because they look a bit neater and they let me see how many people are clicking them.

  19. I feel so stupid (!) for not noticing the Weblinks on the profile page and wish I had been aware of this three years ago when I started my research. This is a great feature and is easy to use. The only negative is I doubt that weblinks will be preserved in an export to a GEDCOM file. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  20. Crista, thank you so much. I had wondered how to add Ancestry's "We Remember" to my mother's page and whallah. You are a wealth of information. Love your knowledge and the way you present it! THANKS

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