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Ancestry Results

Ancestry Results

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4 thoughts on “Ancestry Results

  1. P. Archer says:

    congrats on your genetic finds. I'm thinking with your low native American percentage and your higher British percentage with the fact u said ur mom is purtorican that maybe she was only half purtorican, I have watched alot of DNA videos from purtorican decendants and the native percentage is alot higher usually 10-12 even if only half purtorican… just my uneducated observational guess. also anyone listed as a first cousin is a very close relative on ancestry.com ie: half sibling, aunt/uncle or cousin there are videos from ancestry.com put up weekly on YouTube that help give better understanding of how they figure genetics and such on thier website that are very helpful. good luck and thanks for sharing

  2. Absolutely beautiful results! I uploaded and received a similar result of being indigenous Amazonian and Middle Eastern too! I really loved learning about you! Your eye color sounds absolutely gorgeous! Also, I love your voice! ❤️

  3. Lyricus X says:

    It's not easy being the mixed kid as a child. I had an identity crisis as well. I didn't fit any race people keep asking me what country do I come from. DNA can help you find your identity. Good luck with your journey and don't forget to embrace all of you. If they say it's your first cousin on ancestry then it is. You might want to recah out to that person because that person is your mom or dad's niece or nephew.

  4. This is so cool. Awesome explanation of results

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