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AncestryDNA & DNA.land Results | African-American

AncestryDNA & DNA.land Results | African-American

This video is about the AncestryDNA results and ethnicity estimates for a Black American woman.


11 thoughts on “AncestryDNA & DNA.land Results | African-American

  1. Africa is the only continent where they have tribes I don't know why lol I think it has something to do with the Bible

  2. KEL7000 says:

    First off beautiful just beautiful my Queen ? also nice video…..!!!!

  3. Hi kandy thanks you for sharing your DNA results. I am glad that you are so well educated on being a African born in the Americas. All of us have a pieces of DNA from other regions. There some who are 100% But not too many. Homo sapiens comes from Africa. So you are still 100% plus your 67%. So you are 167% African. You have to remember that. So as a African American you do not have to be disappointed. That is a big mistake. From a Anthropology view. You have a great love for your people's and is proud of your family. You carry the same blood as all of the other families of the African diaspora. That why we as pan African say one love. Which is what you have. Stay sweet you are a real African Queen. I will be doing my DNA too. Soon . Thanks I will share them with you . Keep doing and sharing. Connecting with others like youself. It is said that the young will teach the old. So you are doing it. I am inspired. Thanks peace and one love.

  4. not black enough, guessing 42% African,51% European, 7% Native American

  5. J Semp says:

    African American woman are so pretty !!!! they all looks so different with different color of skin and hair

  6. This chick is like 35% white – guaranteed.

  7. Top Mog says:

    From a distance you look a bit Latina! ?? Thanks for sharing your results!

  8. Nice results and thanks for sharing.

  9. Leecy C. says:

    Ive found Ged Match to be the most spot on, you should upload to there as well!

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