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18 thoughts on “AncestryDNA | EuroPartOfMe: Why is Europe a part of you?

  1. Jeff Morse says:

    The average British person's DNA is 100% European (if they're not recent non-European immigrants). Britain is European – always has been and so are its people.

  2. I am beginning to wonder what planet we’re on. Ancestry way overstepping the mark by including leading anti brexit campaigners in their marketing. Unwelcome and off putting. Time to shop around me thinks!

  3. Gaynor says:

    England, Scotland and Sweden are a part of me, because they are in my DNA. Europe is a continent.

  4. James Mc says:

    Just another company trying to make out as if we are abandoning a whole continent. Twats

  5. ed harris says:

    ok I've got European ancestors big deal…. did you know that a ferret about 65 million years ago digging around his little tunnels is also my ancestor … so to that end I am 0.5555555555555555 percent prehistoric FERRET

  6. Go Away says:

    Gee, the UK is part of Europe? Who would've thought. But guess what – the EU is not EUROPE. Europe is Europe – the continent. The people, the countries, the histories, the cultures. All great things. What isn't great, is an anti-democratic, corrupt organisation that claims itself as the de facto European entity and seeks to rule all European countries by entangling itself irreversibly into each country's economies and governments, rendering them completely dependent and unable to leave even if they wanted to.

    It is the modern way of waging war and conquest – conquering from within bearing an olive branch and gifts, and when they finally realise they're under the control of the EU – it's too late.

    So Europe is great, the EU is the absolute bane of Europe. To think we would need a bunch of self-serving euro-politicians making £100ks on the gravy train to avoid going to war and killing each other – it's the biggest farce wrought upon the European people for a long time. And the worst crime levelled against th European peoples since WW2.

    And yes, guess who the ringleader of it all is. You don't need me to say it.

  7. I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA

  8. My family was probably French a thousand years ago, doesn't mean I'm French now does it?

  9. The505Guys says:

    Anyone can see that the EU has done, and is continuing to do, it's utmost to replace the population of Europe with non-Europeans…

    …and now it wants to appeal to European racial/ethnic kinship to get the British people to remain in the EU?

    This is the most transparently disingenuous tactic I've ever seen.

    In Britain they literally went from:

    1. "Your ancestors were all black Cheddar men, racists! There's no such thing as "British" people!"


    2. "Hello, fellow Europeans, remember we are all ancestrally related as one European people in contrast to the rest of the world, we therefore need to unite as one people within our ancestral mother continent".

    …in the span of a week.


  11. Craig Ward says:

    Another profit lead company seeking to influence the minds of free thinking people……… its just like the sententious HSBC adverts which speak of "we" and "us"……..HSBC being a Chinese owned bank

  12. Cheekypop says:

    that black woman is clearly sub saharan african, not european

  13. The average Briton's DNA is 60% European… there was once a time the average Briton had 100% European ancestry.

  14. innawoods says:

    Just because we're ethnically European doesn't mean we have to be part of your globalist project, which by the way seeks to replace the ethnic Europeans from their own homelands.

  15. Well done for stating the obvious, now stop trying to conflate the European Union with a geographical location, they are not the same thing

  16. Yes well done we're part of Europe not the EU difference is Europe is a continent and the EU is a corrupt organisation nice try trying to confuse not well informed people

  17. Kind of stating the obvious here. Still not staying in the EU tho soz

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