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22 thoughts on “AncestryDNA Results Are In!Chehuu!!!Samoan!?Tongan!?Black!?Asian!?Caucasian!?We shall see!!!Part 2

  1. marc s says:

    Blasting Fiji in the background lol these test are off I think they look up your last name and make a guess because me and my brother got different results we are Fijian and Samoan and 2 totally different results smh

  2. That's some bull shit

  3. ms king says:

    it's interesting that you mentioned Polynesia is found in Fiji. we do know that Fijians are in fact a mixture of Polynesian and Melanesians..hence the Polynesian build and melanated skin.

  4. how can a polynesian have 100% ….did you know the first polynesian people were negritos , very dark skin and afro hair…even the women…i think dna is a crock of shit..its all fraud..

  5. DNA test are a joke. Never belive them. Trust me, i can and will show results that would shock you.

  6. fascinating good video!

  7. I have Filipina cousins who look like you. Maybe lighter skinned, but same features. <3

  8. Lisa Sweet says:

    yess 100%. Love Polynesian culture.

  9. Talofa sister, thanks for sharing.

  10. Soleil says:

    I got my results back and it shows I'm 13% Polynesian, but I know it comes from my Filipino side since a lot of full Filipinos are around 30% Polynesian and I'm only half Filipino. Nice video! <3

  11. Ro E says:

    @Sose Samoa Did the test stipulate the percentage of Neanderthal dna? If so, do you mind sharing? Thanks.

  12. mamoahina says:

    Finally, a Polynesian showing their results! 🙂

  13. Delete says:

    The first song in the background is E Papa by Hurbs, Maori from New Zealand.

  14. wow i only got 1% polynesian and i look a lot like you. i wish i could post a recent pic. my profile pic is 10 years old.

  15. I love the song that you were playing

  16. lerinhar says:

    I love Polynesian culture and so happy to finally see Polynesian results! Aside from African ancestry, I hope to see some Polynesian ancestry.

  17. Talofa Sose! Very Awesome! I uploaded my raw Ancestry DNA to dnatribes-snp.com and found out along with gedmatch that I had Samoan and Tongan DNA known as Oceania on DNA Tribes ranked #110 Samoa and #111 Tonga as a Total Ancestral Fit: List of All Population out of #322 total possible tribes. If you click on the link and then click on SNP Analysis then you can click on any ethnic group to view the 28 page Analysis. I haven't seen any link that would test for South Asia, since it has been updated. You might want to contact the company and see if you could test! Thank you for Sharing! 🙂

  18. I gotten some Pacific Islander (in my case it is Polynesian but other relatives on my dad's mother's side gotten Melanesian). I think it tied to certain Native American tribes though, such as Athabaskan (Gedmatch showed some Oceania but said when it came to the Native American portion of my DNA, part of it is Mesoamerican and another part is North American and either Apache and Navajo which is where the Athabaskan comes in). I found it interesting as I never expect that. I knew I was mixed; but now I understand more. 🙂

  19. Philippines are part of Polynesia? No way, are you serious? I didn't know that. Very interesting. haha

  20. Sose Samoa says:

    I uploaded my raw DNA to Gedmatch.com and currently waiting on results.

  21. Ito Roots says:

    Amazing!! Great results and thanks for sharing

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