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AncestryDNA Results Hack You Need to Use – A Segment of DNA

AncestryDNA Results Hack You Need to Use – A Segment of DNA

Do you have numerous results from your AncestryDNA test and are having a difficult time keeping each one separated as you process the results? Here’s a hack to tag each result with notes and more!

Devon Noel Lee attended the BYU Family History Conference in 2017 and discovered a great tip on flagging the results so you can quickly know which ones you’ve investigated and what your conclusions were.

This is part of an ongoing series called A Segment of DNA

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12 thoughts on “AncestryDNA Results Hack You Need to Use – A Segment of DNA

  1. i dont see that when i click 'view match' ? so i cant see anyones tree's

  2. Excellent video thanks for the tip!!

  3. Can we say that these tests are 50% scientific facts and 50% more or less just astrology? Since early 1500's we all have about 130 000 common ancestors and in theory tens of millions of "cousins".

  4. M J Bowman says:

    PLEASE keep in mind that DNA Circles are smoke and mirrors only. They DO NOT mean you are related to those people through that individual in the circle. They are based on trees only, not matching strings of DNA. Same for hints. You may or may not match the hinted individual through DNA at all. You need to upload your results to FTDNA or GedMatch and triangulate the DNA strings before you can say you have a match. On Ancestry you have unproven possible matches only.

    An even better hack – the notes have been around forever – is to use Ancestry DNA Helper on Chrome and search your notes by keyword.

  5. what we are looking for is how is the results impact the behaviors of. the ones own it??? pls. give me a simple bullet point. Thank you

  6. Thank you for this handy hack : )

  7. Thank you! Great tip. It works!

  8. Thank you. I feel a little more ready to view those results, a little more confident that I can do this!

  9. Nicole says:

    How many genetic communities are you in? Is it possible to get added to more? I noticed that my sister and I were added to different communities. Both are in the same states but they are different. We only have 3/8 great grandparents who were early American. My sister and I have not been added into any European communities even though dad's dad and mom's mom are both from specific regions in Europe.

  10. Eric Sousa says:

    Good tip but it's actually been there for years. Your idea of filtering by surname or line would be a great addition.

  11. When I go through star and make notes I don't get a circle at all even though there are several people that I share the same ancester with and they have public trees.

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