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13 thoughts on “AncestryDNA TAG Part 2 – Results

  1. Same with me for that European I have some fair skinned people in my family but no straight up white people.

  2. As far as Ivory Coast/ Ghana you the same as me lol. I'm 35% as well, but I'm 84% African though and only 13% European lol.

  3. This was entertaining with your humor, and honesty. I enjoyed it; and liked how you compared your results.

  4. Beautiful! My sistah! We are close… I came in 72% African – with 30% of that Ghana and Ivory Coast. Also Benin/Togo and other west African areas, but a pretty large – 8% Southeast Bantu. I was not as surprised about the European, because I worked on my family tree and found ancestors on both sides that were listed as "M" on the census…and my grandfather was half Cuban (12% Iberian Peninsula). It's very interesting to learn about your own DNA, but you took it to a higher level. Thank you for sharing!

  5. gemelo330 says:

    Wow,I have to check out prometheus report. I am narcoleptic, and I think you would find it interesting to look at neurological conditions from a different perspective than the typical western medical perspective. Check out ESP Enigma by Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell, and google search Malidoma Some and mental illness. Different conditions ranging from narcolepsy to autism, to bipolar disorder etc etc are not always what they seem on the surface. When I stopped looking at it as a disease, I was able to approach my condition from a much healthier and more positive place.

  6. MS Chase says:

    Yes I would've guessed Nigerian too…. 9% Nigerian, I was partially right…. Congrats… I definitely want to do this I just can't decide if I should do Ancestry or African Ancestry? What do you think Malikah J….

  7. Hi Beautiful…love your channel….thanks for sharing. I subscribed to
    your channel. Hope you can check out mine and subscribe back.

  8. who doesn't love, conspiracy theories

  9. Usually when you use GedMatch for the first time the eye color predictor will be incorrect but will be more correct later.

  10. senegal are beautiful people i need to do this you know im a mut lol… you should know who this is ?

  11. senegal are beautiful people i need to do this you know im a mut lol… you should know who this is ?

  12. Girl I SCREAMED when you were talking about the cannibus ???….This was so interesting tho I'm definitely going to do this…Thanks for sharing!!!

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