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Cousin Matches and DNA Circles | AncestryDNA

Cousin Matches and DNA Circles | AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA just released version two of cousin matches and new DNA Circles. Join Crista Cowan for a look at the changes and new features. Learn where to find the help materials and scientific white papers that explain the changes. Then spend some time exploring your own DNA matches and discovering more of your story.


45 thoughts on “Cousin Matches and DNA Circles | AncestryDNA

  1. Neobreaker says:

    When you get a parent tested, assuming they just test randomly and not under your account or anything. Will it still allow you to sort your matches by that parent? even though their test isn't linked to my account?

  2. I love Ancestry.com. One thing I wished was available is tagging the different ancestors on a photo. Mainly a group photo so that it is clear who each person is in the photo. 🙂

  3. I wish there was a way to see if non-DNA matched people have taken a DNA test, instead of just assuming they haven't taken one. Would help with noticing if wrong people are added to a tree.

  4. L G says:

    How do I figure out if a match is related to me through my grandfather or great grandfather? This match is a teenager and appeared as my 2nd cousin. I'm related to him and his dad. They have the same last name as my grandfather. I also know I could have relatives from my great grandfathers side with that last name. He told me he would question the family. He later told me he questioned his dad and other relatives but no one would give him information. I never knew my grandfather cause he committed suicide, and my great grandfather only knew his mother.

  5. Reason I starting to learn more about family history. Because health issue and my journey being Today I have over 33,000 people

  6. +Ancestry, I understand why you removed matches that share ancient common ancestors from your matching algorithm. However as an African American Ancestry test taker, the removal of that feature from your matching algorithm, makes it extremely difficult for many of us to be able to trace our specific African ancestry, such as which tribes / ethnic groups that we share ancestry with. This is very discouraging, considering that you probably have a very small sample size of Africans in your data base in comparison to the size of your European samples. There are many African American test takers, who take the ancestry DNA test because it is their last hope for them to be able to discover their African roots. This is because unlike Europeans and others, African Americans were cut off from much of their African ancestry and there are no written records to enable them to trace their ancestry.

  7. I just bought a dna test. They take so long!! 6-8 weeks? Really does it take that long?

  8. Toni James says:

    Ancestry circles are bogus, I have half siblings (according to Ancestry's DNA results) and because they are on the same tree, ( I changed his paternal relationship from biological) and now Ancestry has given him circles for the named tree parents, not the unknown DNA parent.

  9. The DNA circle from my common ancestor down to me is wrong. How do I correct It?

  10. I have a DNA match to someone whose last name matches some of my "new ancestor discoveries", but I cannot tie any of that family to any of my existing tree. When I look at the DNA circle of this person's grandmother, it shows I match 7 of the 14 people in the circle, yet stilll no matching or even familiar names. Do I just keep working on this (I am using two trees with the last name from the original DNA match as my second tree) or should I just keep working in my own tree which still has far to go and hope for a match sometime?

  11. Hello Crista, is this video from 2014 still relevant for 2017?

  12. cwdxer says:

    I don't understand why there is a contact match feature if no one wants to be contacted

  13. J Strasser says:

    Does ancestry create the circles or can we?

  14. I am not able to get into my Ancestry DNA on 7/22/2017. Is there a problem? or is the site down for updates?

  15. DNA Circle question. My Ancestry test results were received on 11 June and 3 July for a parent’s results. My DNA Circles appeared after about a week totaling 35. Two dozen circles are through the parents of my tested parent who has yet to have a circle appear despite high matches to many in the circles. We both exceed 50,000 matches; 2000+ 4th cousins or closer, and over 130 SAH. Test results for both of us are linked to my public tree. It appears that has been the case for known family where one person administers tests for others linked to one public tree – the cousins in a family group are shown in circles. Have I missed something or do I just wait for the connections to be made for this parent?

  16. I'm trying to trace a most recent common ancestor from Haiti, St. Lucia, and/or Martinique with some cousins in my Ancestry account. Are there any records or any way I can try to find these ancestors through records on your site? If not, are there any suggestions where I can turn to do that?

  17. So do we have to pay another subscription to use DNA circles ?? It's expensive enough without extra costs ?

  18. So, I can be related to someone and share absolutely no atDNA?   If we are related, it should be 6 generations back.  My brother and this person would both be direct male descendants of the same person.  Would this person share YDNA with my brother, or does that "disappear" too?

  19. Amy Alvis says:

    How long should it take for DNA circles to populate after you get your DNA results?

  20. T. Ayech says:

    I'm not in any dna circles at all what does this mean? I have a public family tree with several hundred people

  21. Is there an explanation or commercial in spanish?

  22. Jo Smith says:

    My DNA results shows a match selba15 and I cannot connect to that line.. HELP

  23. Fran Regan says:

    Both my husband and I have DNA results linked to my tree. I am in 3 DNA circles but my husband is not. Now I think He has a strong DNA sample to his Irish roots. Will he only be linked to a DNA circle if he has his own tree and a paid subscription to Ancestry?

  24. helpful to understand thanks for posting

  25. Krista I'm kind of baffled about something I have a cousin who her maternal grandfather and my paternal grandfather are first cousins however she and I don't come up as DNA matches

  26. has anyone ever matched up every cousin they've gotten on here? I have almost 600 cousins and my wife has almost 1000

  27. It would be cool if they used large DNA circles to reconstruct the DNA sequence of the ancestor, and then used this to match to other DNA circles, sort of like our own DNA matches. Of course it would be great any one who belongs to this DNA circle to look at shared DNA circle matches or even for those individuals who belong to the circle as a New Ancestry Discovery.

    What do yall think of that?

  28. Norm M says:

    How do I create a DNA circle or do they naturally occur in my tree on Ancestry? Really confused why I don't have anyone in my DNA Circles when I am matched to thousands of people. What am I missing?

  29. Something strange is going on with DNA circles. Daniel Day (1872-1933) is my brother? When I click on the tile for the David Stoker circle information for Niels Jensen DNA circle information pops up. A number of the 47 circles are jumbled this way. And then there are the ones that won't open at all just gives the "feature not available" error. This has been happening for a while now. Anyone else having strange things happen with DNA circles?

  30. Why would DNA Circles disappear as time goes by? I had 13/14 circles at the beginning and now have 11.

  31. If I start testing my cousins, etc and they have their own trees (accts) or want to make them is there anyway to connect the test to both accts/trees?

  32. Now, if only I could get my cousin (whose mother has withheld the name of her biological father from her) to do the test. Grrr.

  33. CjJordan says:

    Do you have to pay for the Ancestry subscription to see your Ancestry DNA circles?

  34. Jane C says:

    Hi Christa. I am new to Ancestry and was tested recently. A HUGE surprise was a match that came up as "close family 1835 cm across 63 dna segments). This person is not a shared match with my maternal 1st cousin who has also been tested. As I have no knowledge about my biological father, could this be a clue as to whether this woman is related to me through him? Thanks so much for any info/advice you can offer.

  35. my mother has 139 4th or better cousins and yet zero DNA circles, her tree has over 1700 people on it and it is public ?

  36. im from iraq how i get this test ?

  37. SDALN says:

    We just found a relative that we didn't know existed through this DNA connection. It seems someone fathered a child during a war and no one knew!

    Thank you for your video explaining the Native American DNA. That answered a lot of questions for my mother and I. Our story claims that my Grandfather's father was Native American. He is listed in the Dawes rolls.

    I do have a question about VA inmates. The same ancestor is found in the census listed as an "inmate" in the VA in Biloxi, MS. We do not know why or how long he was there. How can I get more information on this person?
    I do have questions about an ancestor who has seemingly fallen off the face of Earth. He's in one census and not in the next… or any further. No burial location. No death certificate. Nothing. How can that be?
    Also, why would a civilian be placed in a POW camp?

    (I'm surprised to see that no one commented on the 50% shared DNA with a banana. I had to rewind. A.. banana! mind blown.)

  38. Why for DNA circles that there isn't some type of notes box to allow the person to make notes on that DNA circle? I have to put my notes with the DNA matches in the circle which makes it tedious to find my notes. A common notes application with the DNA circle would be a very nice added feature.

  39. Robyn Cook says:

    Why can't you filter by those trees that are private or don't have a tree. As this is of no use to me. How can you make any connection without email them. Then some don't even own the tree it's administered by someone else. They don't answer!!!

  40. what should i expect in my dna from a moroccan background ?

  41. i have one match that says 2nd cousin but they should be around 4th or 5th cousin and i have 1 1st cousin is it possible she is a aunt instead of 1st cousin ?

  42. I do not understand how I can share matches with someone and then check a match and not share any matches with that person. I also have a second cousin who only shares 49 centimorgans(?) and a third cousin who shares over 100 centimorgans.I am trying to watch all the videos to better educate myself in my research but some questions are not answered.

  43. what does it mean when it says a person is not in your DNA list on Ancestry? Does it mean they don't have a DNA test up, their test isn't attached to their tree or that they just aren't a match?

  44. I wish you had addressed, what you'd do if Thomas Smuin was someone you were not at all familiar with, even though he's indicated as being related to your DNA. I have many of these kinds of DNA circle matches. I'm not aware of being related to the person shown.

  45. Mine have disappeared from my account. Can anybody help me?

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