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DNA Ancestry Results Shocker | Foul Language & Satire Warning W Real Result

DNA Ancestry Results Shocker | Foul Language & Satire Warning W Real Result

If you’re sensitive to satire and use of profanity, be forewarned. 100% legitimate results, delivered in a colorful manner.
Check out Part 2 for my Gedmatch ethnicity breakdown which had yet MORE surprises and more detailed results! https://youtu.be/xyHLfXi2qEw

You may want to check out my other videos if you’re trying to get an idea what all these ethnicities look like shoved into one person as I’m 2 days post allergic reaction to a skin care product. It caused the skin of my face to dehydrate and dry out and my eyelids to swell and droop. Tatcha skin spray works beautifully on everyone else–Not me it seems!


44 thoughts on “DNA Ancestry Results Shocker | Foul Language & Satire Warning W Real Result

  1. Jalf Dado says:

    You kinda look like Latina from Mexico. I'm from northern Mexico and people ask me if I'm from Italy.

  2. Japanese all the way!!!

  3. kuruptsoul says:

    You are pretty hot, want to mix up our dna and make the list longer?

  4. This has to be one of the best DNA results ever

  5. As soon as i saw your eyes, i knew that you would have a trace of dna from the descendants of Persian empire (now iran and surrounding areas) who eventually migrated to areas near Italy and Greece.

  6. Take a Sec to look at a Map. You can see the trade route from Europe to China. Maybe your Ancestor is Marco Polo? And look into the Moors that invaded Spain. That will tell you that an African guy pollinated a southern European woman.

  7. Ashkenazi Jews is simply a German subset. Jews that were forced out of eastern Mediterranean area either by Arabs or Romans and settled in the Rhine river valley outside Roman control. That area is now what we call Germany but back then it was a collection of Tribal clans (Vals, Goths, Vandals etc…) Ashkenazi Jews are also known as Gypsies in Eastern Germany, Poland, and the Baltic areas . Everyone also gets blown away by being Jewish but because of the way that religion was treated they scattered to the 4 winds and almost all of European have "Jews" blood but its so common its hard to seperate from others except for Ashkenazi Jews because they were able to keep themselves from being assimilated like other Jewish Tribes.

  8. All these DNA test appear to have very similar results ?

  9. Tom Chan says:

    Cross pollination lol

  10. Steve Haas says:

    Your so funny n cute. N smart too.

  11. Ohhh Yess says:

    Well Alexander the great from greece took over Egypt to India..might explain the middle Eastern in ya..nothing to be a shame of..

  12. I can see you have a Filipino dna because you talk tough like our president who is a strong leader with integrity. ??

  13. VAMPIRE.?♥️?❤??????BITE ME.wink.?

  14. Miss Ellie says:

    You didn’t say what your native american % was?? Strange. You said everything else but not native american? ?

  15. I'm pretty sure I don't have native American blood but I've never felt guilty about living in my native land funny you did

  16. iberian peninsula is portugal as well!! not just spain!
    you look more native american and jewish you look like cher!

  17. You look Russian Jewish

  18. North African and Middle eastern Moors invaded Spain. Hundreds of years later Spain set up a colony in Philippines. So having some MENA DNA is not surprising.

  19. HesseJamez says:

    I live in Europe and you look 95% Italian + 5% Arabic to me.

  20. If you are of Filipino and Italian ancestry there is very little of an European in you because there isn't much of an European in the Italians themselves. In the Eupedia , geneticists don't even count them as European.
    You can see in this map in pink and red who are the European and that the Italian are far more African and middle eastern than European.

  21. North African and Middle Eastern probably both come through your Itilian side

  22. MsClarinut says:

    The Middle East and North Africa are likely from your Italian family. Those are common genetics of Southern Italians.

  23. Sally Moon says:

    Ask yourself where the American Indians came from, then you'll have more of a clear idea since you have quite a few Asian indicators. 😉

  24. Good Vibes says:

    Flipino here,,,My DNA results below. I have dna cousins on 23andme with European ancestry that ranges from .01% to 50% Iberian Ancestry. I also score MENA(Middle East North Africa) on several calculators.
    GEDMATCH 23andMe v5chip , my admix results shows S.Indian, Oceanian, Iberian, (MENA)Middle East North Africa, Native American, Chinese. parents born in Philippines so is my grandparents and great grandparents. It shows my primary population and secondary for ethnic groups.



    1 E_Asian 81.06
    2 S_Indian 5.12
    3 Mediterranean 3.4
    4 Oceanian 3.18
    5 NE_European 2.02
    6 Amerindian 1.33
    7 Omo_River 1.1
    8 Caucasian 0.94
    9 Horn_Of_Africa 0.9
    10 Beringian 0.77
    11 Siberian 0.18

    Mixed Mode Population Sharing: #
    1 94.7% Vietnamese+5.3%NAN_Melanesian@3.68
    2 96.1% Vietnamese+3.9%Papuan@3.72
    3 91.4% Dai+8.6%Spanish_Andalucia@4.57
    4 91.4%Dai+8.6%Spanish_Extremadura@4.61
    5 91.5%Dai+8.5%Spanish_Valencia@4.62
    6 91.4%Dai+8.6%Portuguese@4.63
    7 91.5%Dai+8.5%Spanish_Castilla_La_Mancha@4.63
    8 91.4%Dai+8.6%Spanish_Murcia@4.63
    9 91.6% Dai+8.4%Spanish_Aragon@4.64
    10 91.5%Dai+8.5%Spanish_Cantabria@4.65
    11 91.4%Dai+8.6%North_Italian@4.65
    12 91.5%Dai+8.5%Spanish_Castilla_Y_Leon@4.66
    13 91.4%Dai+8.6%Tuscan@4.67
    14 9 1.6% Dai+8.4%Southwest_French@4.69
    15 91.5% Dai+8.5%Spanish_Galicia@4.69
    16 91.5% Dai+8.5%Spanish_Cataluna@4.7
    17 91.4%Dai+8.6%West_Sicilian@4.71
    18 94.8%Vietnamese+5.2%Spanish_Aragon@4.78
    19 94.8%Vietnamese+5.2%Spanish_Andalucia@4.79
    20 95%Vietnamese+5%French_Basque@4.79

    Dodecad V3 Oracle results:

    Admix Results (sorted):
    #Population Percent

    1 Southeast_Asian 77.65
    2 Northeast_Asian 10.73
    3 West_European 3.54
    4 Mediterranean 3.23
    5 South_Asian 1.93
    6 Neo_African 1.32
    7 East_African 1.17
    8 Northwest_African 0.42

    Mixed Mode Population Sharing: #

    Secondary Population (source)Distance

    1 92.4%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.6%Portuguese (Dodecad)@2.75
    2 92.6%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.4%Spaniards (Behar)@2.83
    3 92.5%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.5%IBS (1000Genomes)@2.83
    4 92.5%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.5%Spanish (Dodecad)@2.84
    5 92.8%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.2%French_Basque (HGDP)@2.88
    6 92.6%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.4%French (HGDP)@2.96
    7 92.5% Vietnamese (Xing)+7.5%N_Italian (Dodecad)@3.07
    8 92.6%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.4%North_Italian (HGDP)@3.07
    9 92.7%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.3%Sardinian (HGDP)@3.15
    10 92.3%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.7%TSI (HapMap)@3.23
    11 92.3% Vietnamese (Xing)+7.7%Tuscan (Henn)@3.24
    12 92.6%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.4%CEU (HapMap)@3.25
    13 88.9%CHD (HapMap)+11.1%Portuguese (Dodecad)@3.26
    14 92.4%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.6%O_Italian (Dodecad)@3.29
    15 92.7%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.3%Orcadian (HGDP)@3.3
    16 92.5% Vietnamese (Xing)+7.5%Tuscan (HGDP)@3.31
    17 92.7%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.3%Orkney (1000 Genomes)@3.31
    18 92.6%Vietnamese (Xing)+7.4%N._European (Xing)@3.31
    19 92.7% Vietnamese (Xing)+7.3%Argyll (1000 Genomes)@3.33
    20 92.8% Vietnamese (Xing)+7.2%Dutch (Dodecad)@3.33

  25. This had happened over decades with the different nationality and mixing of DNA. Today's women will fuck all the different nationalities in one day lol

  26. She didn't say % native

  27. tumbacan says:

    What a stupid idiot woman. Those tests are like religion, full of lies.
    Most people that take them are worry about only one thing “Do I have negro blood?”

    Obviously this bitch is disappointed cause some African showed up in the results.
    But don’t worry woman, you don’t qualify as an African because you are more edomite than black
    and therefore have no ethnicity.

  28. Ev B says:

    Video is too long, get to the fucking point

  29. allan hill says:

    did you include trailer park ?
    nice girl , but refrain the profain.
    It realy doesn't make any one look important.
    you are swell just the way you are.

  30. Possibly a Gengis Khan bastard.

  31. J Dub says:

    If you have south Italy ancestry you are going to have North African blood. That area fought and was occupied by the Moors on and off for quite some time.


  33. You look more like garbod (wonder woman).

  34. 5:30

    Angela, your Irish ancestors were Anglo-Irish.

    Angela: "Anglo-Irish?"

    Yeah… Ireland was conquered by the English and then English colonists arrived into Ireland. You have to ask if your Irish ancestors lived in Dublin or other areas of Ireland. Some places were strictly populated by non-Irish people.

  35. 4:32

    Sounds like you are part Gypsie or when your Filipino ancestors were practicing Hinduism or Buddhism, they kind of married the Buddhist or Hindu preacher that came straight out of India into the Philippines.

    You might not know this, but before being a Spanish colony, Filipinos were Hindu and Buddhist.

  36. 2:42


    African shouldn't surprise you if you have Italian. Italians got everything in them. This is why Italian Fascism was different from German Fascism.


    Italian: "Mussolini, what exactly are we?"

    Mussolini: "Well we are Romans mix with Gauls mix with Lombards, which are Germanic mix with Ostrogoths which come from Sweden but mix with Vandals and Poles, Serbs, Croatians, Huns and Ukrainians before arriving into Italy, mix with Arabs and Berbers, mix with Franks, mix with Spaniards and Greeks, mix with Ancient Egyptians, mix with Turks and somehow Mongolian got in there. Oh and we are also part Jewish and Anatolian. You know, I don't know what the fuck we are."

    Hitler: "HAHA! Pathetic mongrel race."

    Mussolini: "You know Hitler, according to National Geographic, you Germans are 33% Mediterranean. Wait… aren't we Italians the Mediterranean people just south of you?"

    Hitler: "NIEN!"

  37. Mad Mark says:

    varied results from siblings should indicate that the details from ancestry dot com are not reliable. similar stories abound.

  38. Ignorance does not equal satire. Please look up the definition of satire. OR just admit your ignorance.

  39. will friar says:


  40. naordie says:

    Philipines are like Mexico.  You have the colonial races,  the native races and the nearby native races.  If you knew more about how the world really worked, you would not have so much WTF!

  41. naordie says:

    India and the Stans are on the trade route between Asia and Europe.  Irish protestants are really English invaders or Irish converts.

  42. Look up the Roma Gypsies.

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