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DNA Ancestry Shock – I’m What? How did that happen?

DNA Ancestry Shock – I’m What? How did that happen?

A few surprises lurking in my Ancestry DNA results. I wasn’t expecting that! One thing it found, my dad is definitely my dad. though I didn’t doubt that. My mother’s ancestry might be a lot more varied than I though considering what I got from her side.
Double checked with tests on GEDMatch and DNAland to get back up results. It seems to be fairly consistent – there is Native American and I am a lot more continental EU than I am British. I am also pretty Irish (the biggest proportion of my DNA) and a bit Spanish/Portuguese, Scandinavian and Italian as well as a bit from Melanesia and the Caucasus.

Going by my mum’s contribution (I used phasing on GEDMatch) I am pretty much everything from everywhere.

The family history part was going well but I discovered royal connections and am now pretty sure I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

DNA is a very peculiar thing. I uploaded somewhere that told me I should have green eyes and be 166cm tall. Which is just as well since I I have greenish eyes and tell people I am 167cm tall (but only when I stretch).

AncestryDNA Ranges
Asia Central 0 – 1%
Asia South 0 – less than 1%
Ireland 23 – 51%
Great Britain 0 – 60%
Europe West 0 – 57%
Iberian Peninsula 0 – 6%
Scandinavia 0 – 7%
Europe East 0 – 2%
European Jewish 0- 2%
Italy/Greece 0 -1%
Finland/Russia 0 – 1%
Native American 0 – 1%
Melanesia 0 – less than 1%
Polynesia 0 – less than 1%
Caucasus 0 – 4%

GEDMatch HarappaWorld, that compares the DNA with many world populations, says this, which is about half northern Europe (that would include Ireland, Britain and a few other bits) but half almost everything else. If you don’t accept it that’s fine, but it’s what I keep getting:
1 NE-Euro 47.44
2 Mediterranean 31.56
3 Baloch 11.1
4 Caucasian 7.17
5 American 1.19
6 SW-Asian 0.66
7 NE-Asian 0.37
8 Papuan 0.36
9 SE-Asian 0.09
10 San 0.07

Eurogenes K13 test , specifically aimed at people who are of a mostly European background again thinks I am about half very northern Europe (Irish, British, Scandinavian etc), and then everywhere else in the other half. Their Oracle seems to think I am likely about 90 – 98 per cent Eurasian with either Mexican, Colombian, Brazilian, Ecuadorian, Karitiana, Surui, Pima or Maya as the rest.

1 North_Atlantic 49.76
2 Baltic 21.36
3 West_Med 13.24
4 West_Asian 6.18
5 East_Med 3.98
6 Amerindian 1.75
7 South_Asian 1.23
8 Oceanian 0.61
9 Red_Sea 0.58
10 East_Asian 0.53
11 Northeast_African 0.42
12 Sub-Saharan 0.36

FTDNA Results
British Isles 52%
West and Central Europe 45%
East Middle East less than 2%
Northeast Asia less than 1%
South Central Africa less than 1%
North and Central America – less than 1%
South America – less than 1%

0.02%Other European
0.85%Native American
0.43% Bengali
0.01% other South Asian
0.01% Chinese
0.02% other

E11 Test
Africa: 1.17%
Europe: 76.7%
India: 13.7%
Malay: 0.001%
Dai: 0.001%
Yi: 0.008%
East China: 0.001%
Japan: 0.433%
North China Oroqen: 0.909%
Yakut: 0.623%
Americas: 6.5%

It seems to be a matter of interpretation since some sites say there is African and/or Middle East, some say there is none, some say there is Asian, some say none. Pretty much all of them say Native American is in there and all of them say European but they don’t seem to agree which bit of Europe.


23 thoughts on “DNA Ancestry Shock – I’m What? How did that happen?

  1. Anything on Gedmatch 1% or so is considered noise, so you are correct . Especially the Native American because Polanko uses a model that includes a common Eurasian ancestor. Take them with a grain of salt.

  2. thetj18 says:

    0:04 don't ever do that again..

  3. Enjoyed your video. ..you are fun and don't pay attention to the haters some people are just A-holes so ignore them

    Thanks for sharing

  4. The Iberian part are the Celts who came through the area
    from about 700BC to 10BC and were in the northwest of
    the peninsula and jumped off from the gallaeci region to
    become the proto micks …er… Irish.

  5. Maestro K says:

    Irish people have Iberian DNA and many spanish people have Irish DNA too.

  6. Is there any your ancestor that move to America but move back?

  7. you have some beautiful blue eyes

  8. And no all my family are from Spain for centuries until my parents moved to Australia

  9. I am from Spain

    And I got British and Irish in me too ?

  10. I know this is bad (going on looks) but I knew you were Irish as soon as I saw you in the first few seconds. For me it's not shocking for people who have a lot of ancestry from the British Isles to have other ethnicities or races in their background. Sailors, Empire, Port visits, drinking, yeah. Stuff happened. Thanks for sharing your ancestry with us. I suppose I should do a video someday, I have an obvious Irish surname that we have always been quite proud of. We knew were also part German, but we thought the Irish was the most part of it. No, I am actually more German than Irish. Maybe German is easier than "Gaeilge" to learn 🙂 Cheers! Slainte! Ein prosit!

  11. WOW great results fascinating.
    Have you been able to back up your DNA results with your family tree? Have you found any non British ancestors in your tree?

  12. ahh Awesome Results!! ! I took one of these tests as well and posted it on my channel if you want to check it out! 🙂

  13. I had to call Ancestry about a question with my results. The man on the phone told me, "Just to confirm your account, you're 77% (?!?!) Great Britain? Wow, that's high, like really high. There are natives who aren't that British!" I'm American. My last ancestor to immigrate came from England around 1890. The majority of my family has been here since the 1600's. I even had family in Salem during the witch trials. It seemed like an abnormally high amount of British ancestry.

  14. I'm an American whose family is one of the oldest families in the United States before it was the United States circa 1607. In fact I live near Jamestown Virginia. I am 81% Great Britain, 7% Irish and the rest split between the Iberian Peninsula and Scandinavia. Now that has got to be rare for a 21st century American. Even though I knew all of my surnames, I was still surprised that I wasn't mixed with much of anything. Sort of dull. My surname is Bowyer so pretty damn English. However, I always thought I appeared more Welsh.

  15. thats more than me! I got 0.08%-0.09% Native American and my grandad was American. his side I can trace back there for centuries. but that was on wegene. I can't figure out how to use gedmatch yet it looks tricky!.

  16. Dont forget Genghis Khan reached Europe and had lots of kids, he has the same DNA markers as Native Americans because he is from Mongolia.

  17. Matxe9212 says:

    Im more british than you my range was 5-68% Great britain and im danish 😀

  18. ☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘
    Oh ya got Irish dear – tis all that matters!!!
    And the American thing's ok – just tell folks – Your Irish American!!!

    I am! ????☘

  19. bz2unow says:

    Thanks so much 26th or all of the detailed comparisons with the notes section. I will try one of the companies listed there. Discovering our DNA ancestry is fun and encouraging to know from when you come snd learn more about those ethnic cultures whether Italian, Polish, French or Finnish!

  20. I am an artist and I can confirm on your face the Native American, and that is phenomenal mix

  21. Midnight says:

    Heym now upload to Wegene

  22. Tahnn Ju says:

    Polynesia and Melanesia is close to the American continent

  23. CampKohler says:

    For these protracted sufferings we endure in the great Elise Desert (between videos), we need something like tweets (but not tweets). Elise, could you go into the forum (eliseharris.shoutwiki.com) and start a topic, say, "Dear Diary," where you tell us what your day was like? A single paragraph there would take no time at all vs. doing a video. Thanks.

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