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DNA and Our Privacy – Weekly Privacy Report

DNA and Our Privacy – Weekly Privacy Report

This week in the privacy world we raise some questions about DNA and the double edged sword of the good and bad benefits of DNA databases. This an other privacy news.








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7 thoughts on “DNA and Our Privacy – Weekly Privacy Report

  1. Andrew Y. says:

    I could not recommend enough reddit.com/r/theinternetofshit/ to those who "dislike" these useless IoTs…

  2. SpiderEyes says:

    Well this one got me thinking so I did a search regarding the NHS in the UK. One of the first articles, although old was worrying:


  3. What if there is someone who is looking at everyone's DNA code for vulnerabilities in order to exploit it? Technology is getting there, maybe its already there where this someone can make virus in the genetic labs and secretly spread it. This will be the possibility if there's no privacy and security kept regarding DNA databases.

  4. Paul Autry says:

    I would bet that over the course of the next 10 years there will be tens of thousands arrested for rape. There will be guys bugging out by the end of this year because they got arrested for rape as a result of DNA websites. The more men that get caught the more that are going to bug out

  5. j k says:

    Good show. Thanks for the timely info.

  6. More spying. We need that like a hole in the head. The problem is one of my brother's is a college educated moron that would use that DNA scam regardless what I tell him. He thinks all this spyware is great.

  7. LiveOrDie says:

    1st! Comment pending.. Need to watch the rest of the vid 1st.

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