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DNA Results

DNA Results

We reveal the test results but not before we go over a very (very) quick review of DNA testing. With whom else in the world do we share DNA? Where do our ancestors come from? We reveal our test results and talk about where we go from here!

My apologies for some of the quick subtitles that weren’t up long enough to read without pausing…. Also, just a heads up…. we don’t spend too much time on Amy’s DNA results because her DNA results pretty much match most of what we know about her family history.

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3 thoughts on “DNA Results

  1. Olyv Oyl says:

    Man. You talk way too much!

  2. Bori/Domi says:

    we shared the same European Jewish 5%   the Jewish spread all over Europe from Ancient Israel mixing with Europeans

  3. Very informative. Thank you for sharing.

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