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DNA results and GIVEAWAY! / Universal Yums! –CLOSED

DNA results and GIVEAWAY! / Universal Yums! –CLOSED

Let’s do 10,000 views instead!


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$10 off AncestryDNA: http://refer.dna.ancestry.com/s/mn3yn
23andme Referal Code: http://refer.23andme.com/v2/share/6399671541606875782

*** “Note: Individuals must provide a sample and return the collection kit from the same country to which the kit was shipped by 23andMe.” This means the USA.

Song: Who You Call by Roger

Universal Yums!

23andme DNA testing:


39 thoughts on “DNA results and GIVEAWAY! / Universal Yums! –CLOSED

  1. Just talk abouth your self dont talk abuth somalis

  2. Debela says:

    Ethiopians hate the fact that no one is 100% ethnically pure. I can attest to that, as I am Ethiopian myself. If I told my dad that I was gonna try 23 and me to see my family tree, he would see it as disrespect or me not wanting to be an Ethiopian. But he'd let me do it anyways lol ?

  3. Iam from American All Russian Asian Africa Europe UK North America Latin America And 100% Somali nothing else

  4. Iam 100% sure that iam Somalian but al people come from two persons ayeyo xawo and awowe aden

  5. decca u are amazing I've only watched 3 videos and I'm new. hope I'm welcome????⚘?⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

  6. waa koow. bal noo wad sheekada

  7. wedshieb says:

    بويفرند عيانا بيانا و امام الملأ و غير مسلم !!!!

  8. I'm Sudanese and want to know my ancestry, SO GIVE ME THAT SHIT!! 🙂

  9. the hope this low life cunt disappears forever. no one should accept ANYTYING from this self hating whitewashed BIATCH

  10. your so beautiful mashallah I love you sooooo much❤???

  11. Is Roger OK at the end with the clapping? I am concerned for his mental stability. If you see a white person clapping while making those facial expressions, TAKE A FEW STEPS BACK….. 🙂

  12. Hi Decca! I enjoy watching your videos 🙂 you have a similar YouTube intro to me hehe

  13. and im from canada

  14. can i get the 23andME kit. im not sure where im from. my parents are somali but im just not sure.

  15. thank you for sharing! ive done ancestry & ged match & i have my videos up. take a look if you like. just found your channel & love it!!

  16. …HananAhmed has a great day listing to your videos

  17. please pick me pick me

  18. please pick me pick me

  19. Gollum says:

    I look forward to checking! Yay!

  20. I hope I'm in time for the giveaway! I don't know anything about my biological father and I have 5 kids, so do not want to spend $ on a test kit if I don't have to! ?

  21. Mr. Aden says:

    your such a good youtube omg I'm a fan keep it up ur gonna get big inshallah

  22. This will be a nice kit to try my genetics on to see how much European I have in me and whatever unknown that is in my family!

  23. It would be quite fun to try.

  24. Very interesting DNA! Love your videos! I'd love to win the giveaway!!!??

  25. laursa2130 says:

    Your video's are so upbeat and happy!! I'm from Australia but ive heard mixed stories from all of my relatives where exactly our ancestry is from. 🙂

  26. Ashley B says:

    I've done ancestry dna testing for a school project & for me it seemed really complicated & hard to understand .-. But I'd love to do 23 & me & see their results compared to my ancestry results ❤️

  27. Decca A says:

    Thank you all for sharing your stories and being a part of the journey! I'm looking over all the comments this coming week! I will be announcing the winner end of the month! I will message the winner on youtube! I will give them a couple of days to respond and if I do not hear back, I will pick another person!
    *** "Note: Individuals must provide a sample and return the collection kit from the same country to which the kit was shipped by 23andMe." This means the USA.

  28. Deika says:

    OMG i so want this package.. i have been always looking at 23 &me but i never had time to go and get it. i personally think i am full Somali but alot of people think i got Indian or something else in me which i think is crazy because i don't know anyone who is Indian etc in my family other then Somali But this will so resolve / reveal all my unanswered questions. it would be awesome.

  29. Adna J says:

    I've always wanted to know if i'm 100% Somali or cuz people always be asking me if i'm Arab or Indian. would love to have a chance to find out. Anyways i love your videos and keep up the good work <3

  30. You should give me the giveaway ?

  31. Shifa Abdi says:

    People should realise that having other than 100% somali dna does not make them less somali.

  32. Are you marrid? if yes the cadaan man is yours??? if not do have friend boy ???

  33. Maha says:

    omg, I'm wondering what I am 😮

  34. i saw your results video and that was sooo cool, would love to try that

  35. I love when people research their family tree.

    I feel as if it opens so many doors to the past that we've forgotten

  36. I would so love to do this!

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