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  1. Val NLN says:

    Does this not work on a Mac? I made three "Profiles" and they show just fine on the chromosomes, but I cannot view all three at once. I can only view them one at a time. I have put them in two groups, but only one group name shows in the "Key" at a time.

  2. Absolutely fascinating. Thank you

  3. will this help when ancestors were first cousins?
    why I asked because a few ancestors of my were first cousins to each other on my paternal side.

  4. Will a phased gedmatch kit work on this website?

  5. Thank you so much for this which got me up and running with this wonderful software within one evening.
    Thanks to you Blaine and to Jonny too of course!

    What a revolutionary tool!

  6. Great overview of how the tool works! I not only understand how the tool works, I learned a bunch about DNA comparison and mapping. Thank you!

  7. marbah18 says:

    Best thing I did using DNA Painter. Highly recommend, great if you have family to know the maternal or paternal. Have a bit of endogamy, but still great.

  8. Wonderful! Thank you for an excellent, easy to understand demonstration.

  9. This is awesome – thank you! I can't wait to get started!

  10. Joe Ward says:

    Great starter video. Now that I have some matches painted, what next? It would be great to have a video (or series of them) that show how to read, interpret and get meaning from the painting!

  11. Wow … what a well organized, articulate, and instructive presentation! I'd begun DNA painting last night, just experimenting here and there. Now I feel much more confident about mapping, and better ready to pay attention to and to make use of all the various tools I hadn't noticed nor understood before. Thanks so much, Blaine! … and kudos and thanks to Jonny Perl!

  12. R Dn says:

    "View and backup data" icon is now labeled "All segment data" …and includes a link "Data backup file", which will save a .txt file …as well as the other link to save a 'CSV file'.

  13. Thanks Blaine and Jonny…I've been doing this with 4 separate spreadsheets for years and now plan to convert!

  14. Thank you for putting this together Blaine. I'm curious on your thoughts if you are creating a profile for yourself if you add the segments for your parents and how you add them. It seems like it is not necessary to add parents and siblings.

  15. Extasy overload! I was excited about triangulation and now to be able to do this so easily!

  16. Outstanding overview. Outstanding tools. Thank you, Blaine and Jonny.

  17. Thank you, Blaine! My holiday gifts just got more scientific!

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