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So much of Ken’s genetic background is a mystery. So he was so excited to do the 23 and me ancestry dna test to find out to find out his his ethnic origins and more about his family. This is collection the dna for the 23 & me test. Subscribe so you don’t miss the dna results!


10 thoughts on “DOING 23 & ME

  1. Not prying into your personal business and I would completely understand if you chose not to. But would you be so kind as to share the results with us? Now you certainly don't have to. And as I said I would completely understand if you don't. But it would be interesting to know.

  2. Alzheimer's runs in my family on both sides and I would love to know if I had it in my genetics in order to plan for end of life care now because I know that it can be hard are family and expensive. The university I graduated created a blood test that can tell you if you have alzheimer's, but it is not approved by the FDA yet, sadly.

  3. B Long says:

    Really excited to see Ken's results. I have a feeling it'll be a map of the world as well – Mexicans can be often quite multi-racial with European, Indigenous and African heritage. Even Koreans are almost never 100% Korean, likely with some Japanese or other Asian heritage. So I doubt that any region will come out as a majority. I did 23andme a little while ago and it was pretty boring and almost entirely European but it's still fun to know! Also, it might be worth having his sister test too because siblings only share 50% of DNA so there are chances for her to look quite different.

  4. In my town they were able to find an incompetent fertility doctor that was inseminating patients with HIS OWN SPERM! He was also putting the wrong sperm in patients. This all went down in the 80's so now these kids are doing this 23 and me and getting weird results. I wish I was making this up.

  5. Lauren1257 says:

    Neat! I just did the ancestry one.

  6. I did something like this from The University of Michigan called Genes for Good. I was super impressed with all the information I got back. I got back what I knew, which was English and Native American, but I was also shown some South African. It was totally interesting. I can’t wait for the answers!

  7. Natatron says:

    Download the app, the health kit is extra money like $100 more and will tell you genetic predispositions including like the breast cancer gene and a lot of cool stuff. The one Ken received is just the ancestral one. It will include some Neanderthal traits and things and his haplogroup

  8. Natatron says:

    My 3 brothers and I and my mom and Dad and my husband all did one! It’s super fun!

  9. Heidi, I do not know whether you know it or not. But you can get the 23 and Me DNA kit at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Best Buy, and Amazon has it too. I hope someday to do it too! I would like to do the Ancestry one too! I think that it would be interesting. Anyway I wish Ken the best of luck with it!

  10. I got both my 23 and me and ancestry done. We found lots of things. You didn’t infect it at all. You should download the app and your results will come on the app. If your aunt bought that package then you could find out if you have the genetic markers for different illnesses.

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