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  1. 0121_ R.K says:

    South asia in general im talking about india, pakistan and afghanistan have soo many groups and languages its actually crazy how many there are

  2. ADMIN says:


  3. Afghanistan for sure will rise like s phoenix & soon become a progressive prosperous state, people. Thoughts from India.

  4. Its 2018 & the possibility of #FreePashtoonistan independent from Punjabi imperial grip of Pakistan is a question of when not if. #PTM Zindabad !

  5. Only pasthuns have the right to call them self real afghans

  6. And all the people in Afghanistan are not Afghans!!!

  7. No, bringing Karzai to power was not part of the deal. No Afghansitans boundaries were not stable during the past 250 years.
    And yes Afghansitan is an artificial state with all its boundries drawn by the British and Russians!!!

  8. you proved it by talking of our brother tribes as they have 5 thousand year common history , you talk about majority and minority , north and south , sonni and shia etc. For the same reason { DIVID AND RULE ] Mr.Barfield.

  9. This is the formula of imperialism, division and rule, people are not fighting to each other , they are fighting against you imperialist occupiers USA and NATO

  10. I have a classmate from Afghanistan ?? and I may let her know what I’ve learned about her culture.

  11. Thomas Barfield is saying :Nobody want seperation, now then what is pashtun nationalism; why late pakistani PM zulfikar ali bhutto created taliban with US backup.

  12. I love Pashtuns so much, I'd die for y'all ?❤️??

  13. Since rity says:

    Karzai was elected as president not by the minority ethnics of Northern Afghanistan but by international community, because they knew that the Pashtuns who make more than 60% of Afghan population will never accept a tajik or hazara or Uzbek president in their country and this will never end the civil war, so that is why the president should be a pashtun


  15. Tajik Language is Dari
    Pashto Language is Pashto

  16. Thank you very much sir
    I acknowledge your remarkable opinions and respect your ideas as Afghan

  17. Excellent analysis

  18. Northwest central of Afghanistan We are descendant of Turkic Empires, our ancestors ruled the world for many centuries.

  19. Pres Man says:

    Never put up an American to even give a lecture on such things. I can't even listen to what he wants to say which may even be smart … Americans should keep silent in next 100 years…

  20. pashtons are the authenticity of Afghanistan and they made this country and non pashtons are all like muslims in India like they live in India but support Pakistan we got the samiliar situation in Afghanistan non pashtons live in Afghanistan but they hate to be called Afghan,they will be pleased if you call them Tajik or Persian,i dont understand if these jerks are not pleased with having Afghan name. then they gotta go to Iran but for sure they are not welcomed there as well,
    so this means that this jerk tribe just simply prefer to be slave to Iran rather having Afghan name
    shame on this cheap tribe

  21. Afghanistan is always been a poor country always fight no roads so many mountains very rough place to live no water no food they grow lot of heroin they always fight .they were part of india also thats why buddha was there dont blame on British or any one else admit your fault tell me the time when was Afghanistan a super power .you cant hide truth

  22. That's bullshit, I'm from Afghanistan and I'm separatist. We people of the North, West, and Central who are more than 30 ethnic groups and are Sunni and Shia and don't have any problem together and love each other. We just want the Pashtuns to create their own Pashtunistan and leave us. We are people of Khorasan, learn it if you don't know what it is! We are tired of stone-age Pashtuns who are Taliban and Isis. We don't want our country to turn to pieces but only 2 parts. only 35% of people of Afghanistan are Afghan aka Pashtun. We never want those terrorist stupid Pashtuns of Pakistan join us!

  23. Brilliant analysis.

  24. Hazara are the native people of Afghanistan. The British, Iran and Russian and their Alies help to build a terrorist nation of Taliban and isis to punish all ethnicity on this Beautiful Land of peace for the rest of their lives. The plan of these countries are to finish all the Hazaras and the rest of ethnics by killing them in the name of religion and politics, just the way they have done to the native people of Canada, Australia, Russia, America and South America. Thomas Bardfield is terrorist and he's plan is to devide people of Afghanistan and rule them for the rest of their lives. All these countries are terrorists Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran and UK with it's Allies. Their mission is to finish all other ethnics from this planet and then fight each other so one of their race can remain on this planet Blond hair, yellow skin and blue eyes.

  25. Afghans is a national name for pashto speaking people

  26. Afghanistan is a nation state the minorities in Afghanistan like uzbek,tajik hazara are immigrants.. like after mongols invasion hazaras settled in Afghanistan and during different Afghan-persian war tajiks settled in Afghanistan

  27. Hahaha it sounds propaganda video

  28. Raj Parmar says:

    Afghanistan,Pakistan, was the part of India.
    Invaders took our Land coverted them forcibly.
    Afghanistan was a Hindu Budhist land.
    Afgan have South Asian Indian Ancestry who are mixed with the MiddleEast.

  29. Southern part of Afghan are Baluch’s

  30. Well said but he is wrong on one thing, the Afghan government wants the Pashtunistan area of Pakistan to rejoin with Afghanistan, it doesn't want it to become its own country. Only a few nationalists on the other side want their own country but majority want a loy Afghanistan.

  31. who said that Tajiks Uzbek proud on being afghan we hate from afghan name Afghan mean terror narcotics corruption we can say proudly we are Tajiks the mean problem in Afghanistan is pashtoon they roll the country they are Taliban they are Isis they are burning the schools blowing up the roads destroyed all country they don't live like humans they don't let the others to live like humans always killing the innocent people

  32. A-B HOTAK says:

    absolutely wrong !
    tajik,uzbek,hazara and pashton they all proudly believe they are afghans and nobady has ever said that they want to leave afg

  33. Фараҳ says:

    Afghanistan had more then 5000 years of history, Even more then 5000y because before that is not written or not noted. Another names in periodes of time but Same people. You know Why Afghans NEVER don't give up? because they are optimist. Afghans fight each other but when a threat has come in to Afghanistan. They always stand together to fight the enemy . Then they don't fight for the ethnic groups. The new generations are more for being United not fighting each other.

  34. this man is speaking out of his ass.
    he is talking like we had a choice in hamid karzai becoming president. he was put in power by USA.
    the only problem in afghanistan r pashtuns. the rest of the ethnicity do not have a problem with one another except with pashtuns

  35. Deano Al says:

    ahh Afghanistan was a country since the time of jesus and older was bactria??

  36. Afghanistan has lots of different ethnic groups and different languages but official language of Afghanistan is Pashto and Dari and the national anthem of Afghanistan is in Pashto as well respect from afghan Pashtun

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