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  1. HesseJamez says:

    You look Korean/ Northern Chinese to me.

  2. Females dont't have the "paternal" line that is Y chromosome DNA haplogroup because we dont even have the Y chromosome. Human females are homozygotic (XX)……so wtf???

  3. 444suse says:

    Finns have Y-DNA haplo group N-M231 share over 60% while in rest of the Europe it's less than 1%. Haplo group N -M231
    highest frequencies are very high among many Siberian groups especially Nganassan 92%, Yakuts 75%, Nenets 75%. Finns have actually average 5% Asian genes (only folks in Europe excluding Russia).

  4. You don't have to subscribe to Ancestry DNA, you can just purchase the DNA test. From where I have seen in all these videos 23andme is not more detail oriented than Ancestry.com. On the contrary your choice familytreedna.com has better tools.

  5. The monthly subscription fee for ancestrydna is optional. You still get the results and matches that update. You can't research your family tree with historical records and see other members family trees without it though.

  6. Thought you looked Korean

  7. Asian part of Russia is called Sibaria.

  8. simon wang says:

    You can also try WeGene. You can upload your raw data from 23andme to Wegene, then you will get free analysis.

  9. Evá says:

    Now I am not too sure if this is correct but on GEDMatch I don't think those numbers are percentages. It is something to do the with the population distance relating to your DNA. So when you get to the pie chart, click the oracle buttons and scroll down and it will give you a list of ethnicities with a decimal next to it. The smaller the number of the decimal, the closer in accuracy because your DNA is closest to that particular area or region. Sorry if this doesn't make sense. But ancestry.com gave me 99% European but GEDMatch (eurogenes and then the oracle button) gave me 4.8 North German 5.08 West German 5.13 South Dutch etc. so it's safe to assume that most of this European DNA comes from Germany and The Netherlands. Hope this helps 🙂

  10. sakda c says:

    Your nose is small. The east asians usually have a big long nose.

  11. My great grandfather was a Chinese (Cantonese)immigrant to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I did the wegene test and it broke down the Chinese results: Southern Han, Dai, Vietnamese, Thai, Tungusic(might be misspelled), and a little bit of Indian.

  12. Try Wegene it's free and focuses on asian DNA ancestry focuses more on African DNA since it is thebinly one that breaks down Africa 23 and me is better on Europeans and Asians not as good for africans though. Wegene is the best one for Asians though it is a Chinese company so they focus on asian dna.

  13. I think this family tree company is not so detailed regarding ethnicity and region

  14. Anna lxn says:

    i had 60% siberian lol two other friends also had 15% and 25% siberian i guess alot of asian have siberian blood

  15. Aise Demir says:

    hi there
    i would like which country I am? may I see this by family tree dna? could you offer a kit any dna company?

  16. 23&me will also give you your paternal Y-DNA haplogroup & Maternal MtDNA Haplogroup for one price. In your case, you will only get MtDNA Haplogroup, since you don't have a Y chromosome in your genes.

    But if you can get your brother or father to test, then you can find out your family Y-dna Haplogroup. And with these two Haplogroups, you can trace your paternal & maternal line back 340,000 yrs. Where as the autosomal DNA test for ethnicity only goes back 8 generations.

    I was able to trace paternal relatives back 1500 yrs ago with my Y-DNA on FtDNA.

    But you can test with Family Tree DNA (FtDNA) to get your MtDNA full sequencing to trace your maternal line back 180,000 yrs, if you wanted to know.

    If you want to learned more about the different kind of DNA testing, FtDNA has instructional video in the link below.


  17. Desi Boy says:

    Im Bangladeshi and we share some similar ancestry as i scored 12% East Asian and the rest is Central-South Asian.What about your FTdna ancieant origin results? In gedmatch you scored tiny bit of south Asian so did you scored lil bit of Metal Age Invader,maybe 1-2%? Im 56% Metal Age Invader,11% Farmer and 33% Non European in Ancient Origins.
    In some of gedmatch calculators i also scored some Siberian, in Gedrosia calculators i got 6%.

  18. 拖泥塘 says:

    surprise… 100% Central Chinese here…

  19. IMr LAPS says:

    1:12 You need to make a correction in your video, you said the price of ancestrydna is 99 dollars a month, and then you pay a monthly subscription fee. Its 99 dollars one time, then 35 or so dollars a month IF you choose to have a subscription, which you dont have to. It really depends on your needs.

    Also, im surpsised you didnt mention wegene. Its catered to Asian genetic breakdown, and it seems to be very, very good. Its also free, and similar to GED where you upload your RAW DNA info to it.

  20. The Fists says:

    You look like my younger sister, we have Siberian ancestry.

  21. Day23J1k says:

    you should try wegene it help brake down Asia part more.

  22. Wait, are you of Korean ancestry but got Siberian in your results?? that explains the whole Altaic theory

  23. You should upload your dna into Wegene, it's specifically for people of Asian descent.

  24. SaChri says:

    It would be really helpful to have your parents test and any grandparents living. Would be great to see what their's say into relation to your tests. And yes our make up can be pulled more from any ancestor we have had. Making your siblings test a little different from you. DNA sure is interesting.

  25. ganbat e says:

    so it means you have east asian o haplogroyp and siberian,altaic c haplogroup.

  26. Larry Ham says:

    "Austronesian" is basically saying you're part "Polynesian" (similar to people of Borneo, and Indonesia, and indigenous Taiwanese). Altai/Siberian people did mix with Caucasians a long time ago, so that could explain the "Baltic". A majority of East Asians descend from "Siberians" as did the Native Americans. Both are Mongoloid people. Also Native American DNA has been found in Siberians (from back migration from the Americas back into Asia). You will also be surprised how many white and East Asian people have "South Asian" and "Central Asian" in their DNA.

    I did hear that 23andme is not very accurate for East Asians and Native Americans. In fact, most tests lump us together.

    I am just thinking of the possibilities with the data you gave me, but it could all be unreliable. :>

  27. K.U. Kim says:

    A recent research shows Korean genetic map consists of South East Asian (Vietnamese, original Taiwanese) and north east Asian.

  28. I wnana do it but 99$a month!? Oh HELLL NAH

  29. hey siberian sista! i am from siberia and i am mongolian .there are mongolian people live in siberia. and as you know Mongolians were nomads moving eberywhere in Russia, Europe, China, central Asia, even Iraq and india.. so they might were your ancestors .

  30. Asian results are kind of boring, I wonder if I should still do it…

  31. Thats really interesting about GEDmatch having different kits looking at different ethnicities. I wonder if more people know about that? It seems like you have to select the "right" kit to get the "right" results…?

  32. You don't have to pay a monthly subscription fee with Ancestry DNA.

  33. JL says:

    I always thought National Geographic Geno Project was the most accurate.

  34. Belletaina says:

    upload it to DNA Land, it's free & goes more in detail

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