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Family Tree DNA test Comparisons

Family Tree DNA test Comparisons

Comparing mine and my mom’s DNA results. In one generation 26 percent of my heritage was removed.


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  1. L. Sher says:

    Thank you for doing this video. This was very eye opening – with your mom being 26% southern EU and you did not get any of that is proof that some of the oral traditions may be true no matter what the DNA results prove. You would think that you would have at least gotten 1 to 3% of the 26% but 0 that is even more shocking than the result I read about on 23&Me about a guy whose father's result showed 50% Az-Jewish and he only received 10% of it instead of 20 to 25%. Very interesting video.

  2. I done a dna test with FTDNA and Ancestry The results from both tests is almost the same. My mother done one with FTDNA to. Remember this that family finder dna test go on all the lines of both side of the family.
    You can do a MTDNA full seq test to. If you have a brother with the same father. You can have your brother do a YDNA test to

  3. I used Family Tree DNA but my breakdown is by ethnicity I don't see that in your chart. What ethnic groups are revealed in your DNA. These percentages tell nothing

  4. Any response from FTDNA?

  5. Family Tree DNA Not recommended…I completely understand all companies use ethnicity ''estimates'', however Ancestry DNA shows I am 13 percent Irish, then I used Family Tree DNA for comparison purposes and it didn't indicate any Irish DNA at all not even indicating a colored region over Ireland at all like Ancestry did!! So to be fair, either Ancestry DNA screwed up on showing I'm part Irish, or FTDNA screwed up and missed Irish marker completely….and FORGET about starting a new thread to ask a simple question about it on their forum, because that's next to impossible at FTDNA.

  6. well wonder of wonders, of all the countries in Africa to FIND an African relative I found them in SOUTH AFRICA and they were "Coloured" I mean talk about a mystery, like wah wah wah, I find ancestors in the whitest county in Africa, another mystery I guess

  7. Good video! Very helpful and informative! In Paleo Hebrew, Shalawam! You look very classy and sound so as well.

  8. passius1 says:

    The dreaded middle east result

  9. Cree says:

    You're 50% mother, and 50% of your father. You obviously took on more of your father's DNA

  10. You'll need to get a close male relative to test for the Y chromosome. Because women do not have that chromosome, our results are not complete. That's why you have a huge difference on the test. Her father, brother, or your brother should test.

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