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FamilytreeDNA vs GEDmatch

FamilytreeDNA vs GEDmatch

My new results. FamilytreeDNA updated in 2017

Sharing my DNA results. So, Please don’t make fun. It took alot of gut’s to do this clip. I was nervous making this. It took almost 2 months to get the results back. Mar 11-May 4 2016

I am more of a Western European then anything else.

I am a 3rd generation of mexican’s that was born here in the USA. My mom is half-mexican, and alot of people think’s she look like a Indian.

My mom’s side – Mexican, Germany, and French Canadian.

My dad’s side – Germany, Ireland, Scotland, England, French, Dutch, and French Canadian.

This friend that offer me the DNA test. I have mat him online through findagrave site. So, I know him every since I started to research. He had my Harrison’s listed.


5 thoughts on “FamilytreeDNA vs GEDmatch

  1. Your 11% Native American I was right

  2. Right of the bat I can tell your native American

  3. BLESSINGS ?My favorite video??

  4. Nice! I would have guessed that you had more Native American ancestry. On GEDmatch, did you try the MDLP World-22 report as well? It seems as if the Dodecad report read your Native American ancestry as Asian.

  5. I love this beautiful results.

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