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Father unknown: MY RESULTS with Ancestry.com DNA

Father unknown: MY RESULTS with Ancestry.com DNA

My results from Ancestry.com DNA
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23 thoughts on “Father unknown: MY RESULTS with Ancestry.com DNA

  1. Africa is not in the Iberian Peninsula. If you were African, it would've said Africa on there.

  2. I don’t know you …. but forgive her…release her so you can be free…

  3. polish, jewish, irish, english, russian

  4. Edna2u says:

    Maybe your mother was protecting you. You don't know this man. You apparently had a father. It does not matter who the sperm donor was

  5. Reeny MO says:

    Sorry you had to go through that. You look really good for 45 I was thinking mid 30’s. Also have autoimmune disease wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Hope you’ve tested your thyroid could be a main cause with all your auto immune problems.

  6. Honey – take it easy. Your mother is now dead.

  7. I'm looking for my dad I tried ancestry didn't work

  8. Lynn Adams says:

    You are not collateral damage. You were meant to be, always believe that. God has a plan and you are beautiful. I am so glad I clicked on this.

  9. You're making to much of it. Don't stress. It doesn't matter who your father was. I never knew my birth father, who was a womanizer, but I had a wonderful stepdad. My mom lied to me and a sister about our identity and she feels like you, betrayed. My DNA wasn't much of a surprise…100% European. I hope you can find some answers and have peace.

  10. Your story is incredible to me .. I hope you have found out more about your dad .. if you want I'm based in here in the west of Ireland ?? and if you want I can give you my email and I'm sure I can help in some way . Take care x

  11. OK one thing you know you are for sure. That your a human. And the human blood line came from God. Ask me my race I say I'm from the human race. A little of this and a little of that. Just mixed up in a pot of rape.incensed. and lies So I just say I'm black because my skin is black.

  12. I bet your mom had no idea who your real father was and that was her best guess. Or she knew it was not one of those men but did not really know the name of the man who it was. You mentioned that several people were sleeping together or something on the first video maybe she didn't even know his name.

  13. I haven't been able to find out anything on Ancestry. I sent my DNA to you "several" months ago and have never heard back either by mail or by email. Please let me know why, after paying the fee requested and sending it to you I've never heard one word back. Please let me know something. My name is Jackolyn Alden (Snooks) Solomon and my email is rsolomon@md.metrocast.net

  14. ur not collateral damage, ur mom and dad are soulmates and gave into doubt from other people and themselves, ur a beautiful soul ur journey is going to give u understanding in ur soul, explain all ur feelings, u have a lot of love to give so u were a gift for all these people, but being guided now to truth, so beautiful the product of soul mates, true love god's gift to the world, how destiny works, follow ur heart trust ur feelings, ur soul is pure and you will be guided to the truth

  15. God is guiding you, understand ur feelings, follow ur heart. your mom loves you and thought she was protecting you based on her journey in life, but u have ur own journey, follow ur heart, follow the universe, continue ur journey

  16. follow ur heart, find ur dad

  17. You look young and beautiful.  My guess you're mostly of Irish descent with German, English/Scots-Irish, probably some Czech/Moravian.

  18. You look absolutely Russian or polish

  19. Don’t feel bad! I am adopted and have not found out my parents yet! I am 62 yrs. old!

  20. Thank you for sharing your story. I feel so sorry that you are having to go through this.

  21. You are very pretty ❤️

  22. I've never known who my father is either. I know his name (which is a fairly common name) and what state he lived in at the time my mom got pregnant, but that's it. After speaking with an older cousin, I was basically told that my mom was in the state where he lived for a convention. After the convention, she and her friends went out, she had too much to drink, and she slept with this random guy and…well…here I am! 🙂 I have no idea if he knows about me or if they ever spoke after that night. It used to bother me a lot as I was growing up, but I'm nearly 35 now and I'm mostly just curious now. I, too, would like to find out more for health reasons, but I also want to know if I have any half siblings, etc..
    Of course, I'm just hoping that my father (or anyone related to him) has taken the ancestry DNA test as well.
    I'm throwing my test in the mail today. I'm excited, but extremely nervous. We'll see what happens, I guess!

  23. Your story is very touching. Just want to say that no matter who your earthly father is or was, YOU are a child of GOD. And to me you sound like a lovely and sincere person.

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