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FEMALE TITAN DOLL SPEEDPAINT | Attack on Titan Custom Figurine Repaint

FEMALE TITAN DOLL SPEEDPAINT | Attack on Titan Custom Figurine Repaint

Hi everyone!

I am so so so excited to share my newest speedpaint with you! It’s a custom OOAK Female Titan from Attack on Titan! I am a massive fan of the Manga and Anime, and just knew I’d have to make her! She is officially my 5th repaint, and my 1st ever figurine (yes! I made her before Venom!!)

Hang around as her full-length tutorial will be out soon! Lots of love!

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Dollumentary xo


Music produced by Intensity, used with permission.

You can check out more awesome music by Intensity here:

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25 thoughts on “FEMALE TITAN DOLL SPEEDPAINT | Attack on Titan Custom Figurine Repaint

  1. This is seriously really epic, nice job!

  2. I just $#@^ing love you!
    Attack on Titan..yes !!

  3. StolenJams says:

    The doll looks almost exactly like the female titan from the show! I really liked the mini village you made around her. The amount of detail you put in is amazing! People are sleeping on you right now! You deserve more subs!

  4. It is very cool and i love it ??

  5. one of the best yt channel of dolls paint :3

  6. THIS IS AMAZING, can you do a Walking Dead walker.

  7. Kinda ironic how the female titan is such an enormous character and twyla, probably the shortest monster high doll was used as the foundation for her lol. Nonetheless I believe her face sculpt was perfect for the project, and you’ve portrayed her very well. Great job and I hope to see more amazing customs in the future ???

  8. Ysckemia says:

    great idea and the sculpting is awesome. did you sand the body before to add this clay/resin stuff ?of is the matter sticky enough?
    (oh nevermind, i'll watch your video about preping the body)

  9. Is it wierd to say at the 2nd most acuret human anatomie gose to the she-titan??

  10. Jaedeen Q says:

    I love the fact they even put the theme song in the back ground

  11. Emma R. says:

    Omg LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Amazing job!

  12. Ash 1723 says:

    Omg this is amazing! I’d love to see you make the armored titan as well! Beautiful work! Subscribed! ❤️

  13. BRILLIANT!!!! this is amazing!!!!!

  14. Omfg!! You are so talented!!! When i saw the title of the video I freaked out!! AOT is on of my all time animes!! Can you do a character from RWBY!!! Please

  15. I want to see my jaws to come up

  16. Holy shirt that's so fudging cool!!! I'm geeking out!!

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